Thursday, October 17, 2013

Product Review: Schwarzkopf - Bonacure Color Save Shampoo

Let's start off with my hair type first. I dyed my hair for the first time in grade 7 and I don't remember having nice and shiny hair since then. Well, I think my hair was never silky and shiny to begin with, like some of my friends who are born with this gift... I dye my hair on average 2-3 times a year. Recently I've dyed it burgundy using a $3 hair dye from Walmart :) haha I think the brand was Loreal ...? I can't recall. As you may already know, red always tends to fade to brown. Therefore, I wanted to invest in a good shampoo that would prolong the color. At the same time, I was looking for a shampoo that could improve the condition of my hair, make it appear less frizzy and dry. My hair is alwayssss frizzy, puffy and dry right after I wash my hair. It usually gets a lot better when I wake up in the morning though. (Still pretty bad) I did a little research online and I found out that sulfate in shampoo dies out your hair. However, I think sulfate is what makes the shampoo bubble, where you can work your hair into a big lather.

I came across this product online and it said sulfate free. Immediately I thought of what I read online. Also, Schwarzkopf is a prestigious brand so I thought I would give it a try.

As expected, this product is like most of the organic shampoos in the market. It's extremely hard to create a big lather with it. You still CAN, but there's a way. First you put some on your hand and spread it around your scalp. Then gradually add some water to your hair on different parts of your scalp and rub in circular motion. It takes a little more work than regular shampoo.

It for sure didnt make my hair as frizzy as before and my scalp feels very comfortable afterwards. As far as color preservation, I cannot say much right now since I've used it for less than a week. I believe it will help though because it doesn't contain sulfate, which means less chemical on the hair...

I would repurchase this product :)

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

NOTD: Purple with Knoad Black Floral Designs

One of my favourite nail polish!
OPI "You're Such a Budapest" with "Essie Set In Stones"

LOTD: Iridescent pink/purple

Back in high school I used to wear VERY colorful eye shadows. Blue, green, purple, cranberry etc... Nowadays I stick to brown shades 90% of the time because it can go with any lip color. I love wearing red/bright lipsticks so if I wear a colorful eye shadow, it usually doesn't match!

This is a look that I really like to do with Shu Uemura "IR pink 115" eye shadow. It is a very special shade. I'd say it's a light pink with iridenscent purple sparkles in it. It's hard to describe so you have to go check it out yourself!! I found a similar shadow by MAC, which I use as a base. It's a different formla since it's a pro longwear paint pot. I'm not sure if it's permanent but I don't think so. It's called "Let's Skate!"

Left most: Shu Uemura "Let's Skate!"
Top Right: MAC "Fig.1" 
Middle: MAC "Beauty Marked"  
Bottom: MAC "Let's Skate" Prolongwear paint pot

Lid & inner corners: MAC paint pot --> Shu Uemura shadow
Crease: MAC Beauty Marked
Blend out crease color with MAC "Fig.1"

- High light brow bone with any matte white eye shadow
- When I have time I always use a beige/white eyeliner on my    water line to open up my eyes as well :) 
-mascara on bottom lashes is a must!! 

Cheek: Bobbi brown blush "Blushed #10"
Lips: MAC "Modesty" (Cremesheen), Dior lip maximizer gloss

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Review: Maybelline Flash Clean Makeup Removing Lotion

I rarely use drug store makeup but one day I dropped by Target/ one of the supermarkets in the States and I grabbed this because it was new and cheap. Why not give it a try? I didn't expect too much from it because it's a lotion formula so it occurred to me that it wouldn't remove my waterproof eye makeup for sure. To my surprise, it removed my super waterproof mascara in one go! I've been using Shu Uemura's cleansing oil to remove my eye makeup and usually it would take at least two times to completely remove the residue. However, this makeup removing LOTION, removed it in no time!! I was quite surprised that something this cheap actually worked better than my Shu cleansing oil... (Actually, the Shu cleansing oil isn't that great of a product itself, I'm still using it only because I have to finish the bottle). I think this thing cost me $4 something USD. I don't think I've seen this in Canada yet, I could be wrong... But if you see this at the drugstore, you must grab one and try!!

Now this product claims to remove makeup, cleanse and moisturize your face. I would definitely not complete my skincare routine with this as the last step. Even though it says that it completes the moisturizing step in this lotion, I just have a feeling that my face is still not clean yet. How I use this product is that I rub it on my eyes and face in circular motion, and then I take a piece of tissue and wipe off the makeup. Then, I use a cleanser to clean my face.

By the way, I am still using the Heorine Kiss Me Long & Curl mascara. It's been... at least six years. I don't think I will ever change!! I wore it to the water park and none of it came off :) Did I make a post about it yet? If not... it will come soon :)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

some videos, nail polish storage, NOTD

Been really busy lately with the two intensive summer courses i'm taking =( But I've made a few videos... I'm really excited to work on the Beauty Club that I started at school though! ^-^

New nail polish storage and NTOD

OPI Lucky lucky lavender with 3D rubber stickers I got 2 summers ago XD

Under my nail polish I put a non-slip rubbery mat to prevent them from falling all over the place :)

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Some Stuff from Seattle

Forever 21 in Seattle was 3 floors!! So huge I loved it! Accessories seemed to be cheaper than the ones in the Canadian forever 21, clothes were nicer too. I liked a lot of the clothes there but I didn't get them all XD

Bows + Pearl <3 love!

I always wanted this kind of earrings but they were always too heavy and I never saw a pair that I liked that much... These are perfect :D

Seattle Sephora has tax exemption for BC residents if you show your ID! SOO amazing :D The NARS Hungry Heart Duo is different from the NARS albatross in the way that the glitters are bigger and they look REALLY pretty on the cheekbones when the sun shines at it at the right angle =P Even though one side is white and the other side is pink, I don't apply enough of the product on my face to show the shade. I just dab my brush very light on the product because I don't want my cheeks looking too glittery. This was $40 USD but it's $10 more in Canada, plus USD was (is) lower than CAD! I gotta promise myself not to get anymore highlighters, I have more than enough now x_x But.. they all produce a different effect :D