Saturday, July 31, 2010

China Glaze Channelesque,konad, nail stickers

Got my first two china glaze nail polish couple days ago :)
MY nails are so short right now so they're pretty ugly T__T they just keep chipping and chipping! I used the konad nail stamps and I found some nail stickers that I bought years ago, so i decided to use them today :)

I love konad nail stamps :D

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Light Green & brown eyes

Hadn't touch MAC biogreen for at least a year so I decided to use it today!
MAC Biogreen on lid & outter 1/2 of bottom lash line
MAC All that Glitters on first 1/3 of lid, a lil pass the line
Lancome Imagination on crease (bronzy brown)
Some dark brown eyeshadow on outter V
Lancome Latte (Matte white) for brow bone highlight
NYX jumbo silver pencil on inner corners
MAC chromagraphic pencil NC25 on waterline
Benefit Hoola for contour
Anna Sui #600 (orange colour)
Anna Sui #302 (sheer bright-ish pink)
MAC MSF in By Candlelight
I applied concleaer first on lips to cover my original lip colour
then used MAC Shygirl

Sunday, July 25, 2010

NYX silver jumbo pencil, MAC Chromagraphic Pencil (NC25)

I've been using the NYX jumbo pencil almost everyday on my waterline but I wanted to try the MAC chromagraphic pencil in NC25.
I'm wearing the jumbo pencil in"Pots & Pans" on the first eye and the chromagraphic pencil on the second eye. They're both very creamy and glide on smoothly. The jumbo pencil can be used as an eyeshadow but I've never had b/c I crease reailly easily so I avoid using creamy eyeshadows. The chromagraphic pencil is also muli-functional but I probably won't be using it for other purposes except on my waterline.
NYX Jumbo eyeshadow pencil:
- about $5 CAD ( can be puchased at Rexall if you're in vancouver)
- stay on for a longgggg time, longer than the chromagraphic pencil(I set it w/ white shimmery shadow)
- shimmery silver, looks really pretty under the sun light [esp in between your lower lashes]
MAC Chromagraphic Pencil:
- stays on for ... a couple of hours but it's not bad, I still like it quite a lot
- Matte, more natural in comparison to NYX penci.
I like using the Jumbo pencil for my inner corners though. I actually apply it on my lower lash line rather than just the waterline when I don't wear any black eyeliner on my lower lash line. But one thing that's really important is that you should ALWAYS apply some mascara onto your lower lashes if you're wearing any sort of white(or very light) eyeliner cuz it just looks weirddddddd if you leave it white... especially if you draw a really thick white line -_-"
So I stopped using white eyeliner on my waterline because it always came off so easily so I didn't bother to apply it anymore. But I got a NYX eyeliner in white and thought I'd try it out since i like the silver jumbo pencil a lot... but it's kind of a disappointment because it doesn't stay on long and it's not creamy enough.
When I prefer to use which pencil...
NYX silver jumbo: inner corners, on my lower lash line when I"m not wearing any black eyeliner. [BUT I apply a lil black eyeshadow with my angled brush in the center right under my eyeballs, makes your eyes appear rounder]
MAC Chromagraphic: waterline when I prefer a more natural look; when I'm wearing black eyeliner on my lower lashline. (I usually don't put black eyeliner on my water line)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

MAC Trax Dupe and eye look

So the single shadow up there is MAC Trax eyeshadow. I LOVEEEE that shade, it's one of my favourite ones, I actually like that more than Fig1... Anyway I usually wear it on my crease and the outter 1/3 of my lid.
The eye shadow quad is by Lancome, but it came in a gift with purchase. The white colour is Latte(Matte), the pink is "Kitten Heel"(shimmer), the black is Statusque(intense), and the burgandy purple [bottom right] is "Color Du Jour"(Matallic) --> Dupe of MAC Trax.
Both of them have gold flects and when I swatch them, they look exactly the same..! Again I wear this on my crease and a pink/gold on the inner lid, matte white as highlight and black on the outter V. (I forgot to apply black on outter V in my pic -_-" )
Can't express how much I love this colour..!! IT'S SO GORGEOUS I'M GOING TO DIE!! (sounds familiar? hahahh)
In my picture I wore...
-MAC Trax on outter 1/3 lid, crease, outter 2/3 of bottom lash line (must!)
-MAC All that Glitters on inner 1/3 of lid and a little pass my lid line
-MAC Stars N' Rockets right in the center of my lid
-[Lancome Statuesque on Outter V]
- NYX silver jumbo pencil on inner corners
- Lancome Latte as brow bone highlight

- LORAC "Plum" blush
- Benefit Hoola bronzer
- MAC "Faux" lipstick

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Kate Diamond Cut Eyes Quad

So When I was in HK this summer, I went to Sasa / Bonjour and noticed the Kate eyeshadow quads. They have a few different kinds of quads and I like this the most. The MAIN reason is because of that top left corner shade. Basically it's half white and half silver, but you don't actually use a brush/applicator and brush it onto your lid. You're supposed to pick it up with your finger and dab it all over your eyeshadow. They're just really big sparkles and I LOVE them... I don't actually dab it over my eyeshadow, but I put it on the C-Shape area around my eyes. (Starting from the brow bone, to the temples, and the cheekbones) I think it looks SO pretty :)

I got the brown quad and this is what I think about it:
- Super pigmented (very impressed) & good quality for a decent price

- very versatile colours

- really good applicators (a pointy side so you can use it for smaller areas of eyes)

When I went on my Shanghai trip, this is what I brought with me. Didn't bring any brushes, the applicators work well for waterline and Outter-V :) I think this quad is really versatile, it'll suit on most skin tones.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Top 5 Eyeshadows

1) Benefit "Rich Beach"

- this line of their eyeshadows is super pigmented. The texure is smooth and silky. I love
using this colour to do my favourite brown eye <3

2) MAC "Fig 1"

- This is an eggplant purple. I love using this on the crease! This is a Matte colour and it is my
favourite finish of the MAC Eyeshadows. The matte finish colours are so easy to pick up,
very pigmented, it's just gorgeous :D The shimmery version of this is "Nocternelle"

3) Shu Uemura "Me Blue"

- My absolute favourite blue eyeshadow... The texure of this is kind of similar to Benefit Rich
Beach, maybe a little less silky. But this blue is soo pretty..!! When I was looking at Shu's
eyesshadows, this colour caught my eyes immediately =P

4) MAC "Orange"

- Yup this is straight up orange. I use this as a transition between my brow bone highlight
and crease colour. When you do a brown eye and you use this as a transition colour, it
makes the whole look sooo much prettier... seriously :D oh and this is matte as well. so,
superrr pigmented!

5) MAC "Swiss Chocolate"

- This is a brown with a red undertone. I use this to do my favourite brown eyesahdow look on the outter 2/3 of the lid. I love this soo much..! I think this is matte too, I just got shimmer on it due to my brushes...

Btw, my favourite black eyeshadow is Lancome "Statuesque". It's a matte black and i use it on my outter V or on top of my eyeliner. I just love the texure and pigmentation. This is great for smokey eye too, the texure makes it easy to blend.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Shiseido Anessa Perfect UV sunscreen vs. Shiseido ultimate Sun Protection Cream

These two sunscreens are both SPF 50 PA+++. However, the texture and results are different.

Anessa Perfect:

When I purchased the Anessa Gold sunscreen, the sale told me that it was the most popular sunscreen among the Sheseido line. I wanted to get this because two people had recommended this to me because they said that they didn't get one bit darker after using this sunscreen. (They used the white bottle version, which is not as water-resistent I think) This one is formulated for people who play sports, meaning that it's waterproof. However, you should still reapply after swimming.

The texture is a lot more watery than the Shiseido ultimate sunscreen. It feels much more lighter when applied onto the skin. It also absorbs quite well, leaving your skin feeling fresh.

For some reason, this product actually helps control my oil and I feel that it controls my oil better than the Shiseido ultimate sunscreen.

Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Cream:

This sunscreen claims that it is "very water resistant" and you should apply this 20 mins befoer sun exposure. Although the texture of this sunscreen feels thicker, it absorbs quite well too. It doesn't make my skin more oily if not less. I've heard from other people that it actually helps them control their oil so I guess it's different for everyone. I have oily-combination skin so I get super oily on my T-zone. I use this sunscreen when I know I won't be sweating too much, but when I'm going to the beach or swimming then I'd wear the Anessa. Also, if you have dry skin, you may better off be using this sunscreen instead of the Anessa in my opinion.

When to apply sunscreen?

- I apply this after my moisturizer and before my foundation. However, wait for your sunscreen to absorb at least for 5 mins before applying your foundation.

Why not use Neutrogena or other cheaper brands?

- Even though you may find other cheaper brands with equivalent or even higher SPF, you may not get the same results. According to my cousin, she wore the Neutrogena sunscreen when she went on her fishing trip. She got super tanned and it didn't prevent her from darkening. But when she tried using the Anessa sunscreen, surprisingly she didn't get any darker. I know people tell me that sunscreen doesn't prevent you from darkening, but I think if you use very high SPF, it does do the job.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

purple eye look

Estee Lauder Berry Ice

I don't know why my camera didn't pick up all the colours on my eyes. But anyway..

MAC cobalt on lid [ I LOVE Cobalt!]
Estee Lauder Berry Ice on crease (berry red I guess?)
Some black/dark brown eyesahdow on the outter V
Lancome Mauve Lustre (light purple) on the inner part of lid + highlight
NYX silver jumbo pencil on waterline
MAC black track gel liner

MAC Creme de Nude

Smash box Soft lights in Prism
MAC MSF By Candlelight

Thursday, July 15, 2010

False Lashes

1) Face Shop lashes. They are really nice, the bands are not too hard. but I don't wear dramatic lashes on a daily basis so I wear them once in a while :) Face shop also has some less dramatic crisscross lashes. around $5 CAD I think.
2)From HK, got these b/c they look like one of the Ardell lashes, I think 109. I used to wear this kind almost everyday. They look really natural. As you may tell, these look cheap because the bands are super soft and they are not going to last more than a couple of times.
3)From Daiso, I have no idea why I go them. They look really ugly.
4) From HK, they look like one of the Ardell/Quo ones too, but they are again really cheap quality
5)Lower false lashes from Daiso. I bought two because when I bought my first 1, I lost one of them when I was trying it on in the washroom =.= I rarely wear them though, just got them for fun.
6) These are my favourite lashes atm for everyday wear. The look very natural without wearing any eyeshadow. So I just wear them with eyeliner and mascara on bottom lashes :) I go through phases, there are periods of time that I don't wear any false lashes and there are times that I go back to my lashes XD
7)These are not Quo, they are some crisscross lashes from Daiso. They're okay but I feel like they're not long enough b/c when I put them on, you can really see them from the front view. Btw I don't think I will get lashes from Daiso again o_O
8)From HK, I got the ends off because I like wearing half lashes sometimes just at the end. The corners of my eyes kind of point down so these are great :)
9)My most expensive false lashes, $110 HKD? My cousin recommended them to me so I got them :) They're brown and I like them =P
10) Ardell lashes , they are not #109. I wear these on special occasions. The ends are longer. When you wear this kind of lashes, make sure you dont put them too much to the end of your eyes.
11)I wanted to get lashes similar to the shape of the Shu Uemura ones so I found these. They are pretty good quality but I still think the bands should be a lil softer. Love them :)
12)Ardel Lashes. They're exactly doll lashes. I rarely wear them, don't think they look that good on me.
13)Daiso Lashes. Crisscross look quite natural but again I think these are a bit too short. I haven't touched them in a long time.

I think Quo and Ardell lashes are quite similar in quality. They are about the same price...$7? They last a long time if you take good care of them. The bands are not too hard/soft and they're both made of human hair. I also like that the bands are not too thick so you can stick them really close to your lash line so they can merge with your real lashes. Moreoever, the clear bands make them look less fake.

Daiso lashes are $2 CAD but they are really cheap quality. The bands are usually too thick/hard so they detach from my eyelids really easily. They used to have clear band lashes but I can't find them anymore. But anyway, I'm not really a fan of their lashes.

I've only tried the Crisscross lashes from Face Shop so I can't judge their overall quality. I pretty much like the ones I got. Even though the bands are kind of thick, they're not too hard to bend.

When I was in HK I considered getting the lashes that come in boxes, but I really couldn't get my hands on them because they were all really poor quality. I went around HK/China but I couldn't find any cheap and good quality lashes. I ended up buying cheap and bad/average quality, I shouldn't have bought any =.=" The only ones I like from HK are #11. They're not cheap though, I think around $6-7 CAD.

All in all, I haven't found lashes that are cheap + good quality. My favourite still comes back to Ardell and Quo. But I lean toward to Quo now b/c it's slightly cheaper than Ardell I think. But anyway I don't think I need to buy lashes for a long time! Btw, I hate it when false lashes look really.. plastic-like. And sometimes people put their lashes too much to the end of their eyes, which makes their eyes loook really droopy... LOL! So be careful!

When I put on false lashes, I close my eye and I start from the end of my eyes. However, I always make sure the length of the lashes fit my eyes first. I normally don't have to cut the Quo lashes, but I do for my other ones. (not Shu either) For thinner bands like Quo and Ardell, I don't wait for the glue to dry for 30 secs first b/c if you do, the glue will dry out. For thicker bands, I'd have to wait for 30 secs for the glue to become tacky.

Glue: I use Shu Uemura and MAC glue. The Mac glue is about $10 but the tube is really big so it's going to last a long time. The Shu Uemura is $5 but half as small. They're both really good glue. (I never use the free glue that comes with the lashes)

Hope this helps!

Everyday brown eye look

Since I don't have much time in the morning before going to school, this would be the everyday eye look that I'd wear because it's fast, simple and appropriate. I have my favourite brown eye look but that requires more time. I'll show that later :)
Eyes: Shu Uemura M brown 872 on crease (i wear is on my eyebrows sometimes too)
MAC all that glitters on lid (shown in previous post)
KATE pallette dark brown (shown in previous post)
MAC MSF By Candlelight as highlight
NYX silver jumbo pencil on water line & inner corners

I wear the NYX silver jumbo pencil on my water line and inner corners for almost every eye look, I use it instead of a white eyeliner. It stays on really well :)

When I wear brown eyes I always like to wear pink lips..!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Todays Make up, turquoise and brown

I own 3 Micabella eyeshadows, which I purchased at the PNE Last summer. I heard that they were sold at metro before at one of the stands but I don't see them anymore. I usually never touch this shade but I finally reached for it today! I applied it wet to get a more intense colour. (Sprayed my brush with water and dipped it into the mineral micabella shadow)

Micabella turquoise on lid
MAC all that glitters on inner lid
Some kind of brown on the crease
A dark brown shade from my KATE palette on the outter V
Matte white shade for highlight
sheseido shimmery white shadow on inner corners
MAC orange as a transition colour between highlight and the brown on crease
(I also applied some brown and green along the lower lash line)

contoured with Benefit Hoola
Anna sui orange blush #600
Bobbi Brown blush "Blushed" #10 on the apples

YSL Rouge Volupt #13