Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas nails~!

Nails are short atm.. too bad!

Silver & Black

MAC "Charcoal brown" e/s
Lancome "Style selection" Metallic (silver) e/s
NYX Pots & Pans jumbo pencil
MAC "Sharkskin" Shadestick

This is probably too close but the point is to show the make up hahaa and don't mind my PJ I know it's asian XD

MAC "Sharkskin" Shadestick along upper & lower lash line and outter V
NYX Pots & Pans jumbo pencil on lid & inner corners
Lancome "Style selection" Metallic (silver) e/s over the "Pots & Pans"
Any black shadow along upper & lower lash line
MAC "Charcoal brown" e/s on crease (not that obvious in the pic though)
Any matte white e/s as highlight
MAC "Creme Cup" lipstick
NARS "Deep Throat"
MAC "By Candlelight" as highlight

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Neutral eyes w/ "heavy" (to me) lashes

MAC "All that Glitters" e/s on lid
MAC "Swiss Chocolate" e/s on crease
MAC "Rule" as transition colour
MAC "Charcoal brown" on outter V
any white e/s on browbone
NYX Pots & Pans jumbo pencil + Lavshuca WT-1 glitter liner on inner corners
some crazy lashes haha
- MAC "Shy girl"

Sunday, December 19, 2010


Benefit "Skinny jeans" crealess cream shadow all over lid
Benefit "Dandy Brandy" on crease
Black e/s on outter V
MAC "Rule" as blending colour
Some matte white e/s as highlight
NYX "Pots & Pans" on inner corners


MAC Jest on lid

MAC Sketch on crease

MAC Rule as blending colour

Some dark brown e/son outter V

NYX jumbo pencil "Pots & Pans" on inner corners

Thursday, December 16, 2010

MAC Palette transformation

So I was looking at the Z-Palettes on their website and I really wanted to get one because I bought a MAC blush in pan form but i don't have a palette for it...And also just in case I get more things in pan form in the future. But I found out that shipping was $11 I was just like... it's not worth it to pay thirsty something bucks for an empty palette... So I was looking at Enkore's hand made palettes, they look so interesting and nice but too much work =_=" Well maybe if I know where to get all the supplies then I'd try to make one... :)
Anyway then I remmeber seeing people using their mac palettes without the pan holder, which only fits 15 shadows. So I tried taking out the pan holder but kinda failed =_= I broke the top two corners so it's pretty ugly now.. Don't know how it will look if I put it back but I don't wanna try, I probably won't anyway. haha.. So this is how it looks after I took it out. You just lift it up from the front part and use something to lift up the pan holder. It has 5/6 clips so just kind of wiggle it out. I guess I wasnt careful enough @_@ oh well whatever :)
I can fit one more blush in there I think. If you only put MAC shadows in there it can fit up to like 26 shadows.
That blush at the corner is "Pinch O' Peach" , I kinda regret buying it because the color pay off isn't that great compared to "Melba".. well I guess it's kind of like Well Dressed. Some mac blushes are good and some are just so-so .. o well. Of course NARS and Bobbi Brown are way better :)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Gold and brown neutral eyes

Left: Benefit Velvet e/s "Rich Beach", right: Benefit Velvet e/s "Dandy Brandy"
MAC pearlglide eyeliner "Blackline" & "Lord it Up"

My favourite everyday lashes

I really love the Benefit velvet eyeshadows, the texture is amazing and the colour payoff is very intense, they also glide on very easily.

Benefit "Rich Beach" on lid
Benefit "Dandy Brandy" on crease
Black e/s on outter V
MAC "Rule" on mid section of lid (use it to blend out the Dandy Brandy)
Some matte white e/s on brow bone
Pearl white shadow on inner corners
MAC "Blackline" eyeliner on upper lash line
MAC "Lord it Up" eyeliner on lower lash line

- NARS "Albatross" to highlight cheekbones (I like using it when I wear gold shadows ^^ )
- MAC "Well dressed" blush
- Benefit Hoola for contour

- MAC Viva glam Gaga lipstick
- Rimmel lipgloss bubblegum

Saturday, December 4, 2010

How to make your gel liner smudge-proof! [Tight lining]

Tight lining , don't mind my veins haah, didn't wear foundation

MAC Fluidline "Blacktrack" & Urban Decay Primer Potion

Body Shop "Slanted" brush
AMAZING, its soo thin and the hairs don't flare out, excellent to apply thin eyeliner, easy application

Bottom: Quo "Angled eyeliner brush"
Amazing as well, hair stays together and allow precise application. It's bent so that even if you want to apply your eyeliner after mascara, it won't get in your way :) It's just easier in general.
  • My face gets extremely oily and I have to apply powder/use blotting paper every couple hours. Even my eyes lids get oily. If I apply eyeshadow without the UD primer potion, it'd crease within an hour, well maybe a little over an hour. haha.
  • So I was planning to get the make up forever cream liner because I heard it's more waterproof than the MAC fluidline and Bobbi Brown gel liner. The MAC fluidline doesnt smudge that much on me if I don't apply it on my waterline, but it's still not that waterproof, I guess I'm just too oily. Anyway, so this is what I tried today and it worked:
1) Use the QUO slanted brush to apply some UD primer protion along upper lash line
2) Pick up some MAC fluid line with the Body Shop brush, lift up your lid and press the product along upper lashes, as close as possible, this is what the brush is really good for
I know I'm not exactly putting it on the waterline but the reason why I do this is just to fill out the gaps in between my lashes, making them appear fuller. I like to do this when I'm only wearing mascara on the eyes. This works for me so hopefully this helps someone out there :)

Monday, November 22, 2010

MAC Pearlglide intense eye liner "Black Line" & "Lord it Up"

Left: "Black Line" [black with gold sparkles], Right: "Lord it Up" [brown with gold sparkles]
Black Line looks darker but I just didn't swatch hard enough, and of course the gold glitter is more obvious in "Black Line" since the contrast is bigger.

"Lord it Up", see the gold sparkles? that sparkling one on the left eye near the end haha

I love wearing this now because brown looks more natural and it looks good with my new light brown hair colour haha. Most of all, these eyeliners DONT SMUDGE! I loveee how the gold sparkles are so subtle yet pretty.

Wearing Lord it Up

I like wearing Black Line with gold & brown eyeshadow because the gold sparkles go with the gold shadow... I'd probably use Lord it up with it too but it just wont give as much definition to the eyes.

I wish I had all the pearlglide intense eye liners! They are SOO awesome!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

OPI "Cuckoo for this color"

I liked this colour a lot when I saw it online before, but now I kind of feel like the colour is too mature for me... @_@ I probably won't reach for it that often in the future o.o

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Essie "Fiji"

This is a solid pastel pink and it remind me of OPI Mod about You.
I made a mistake using white polish for the bows! Barely anyone could tell their existence.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

MAC "Coral Crepe" paintpot

no flash

- MAC Coral crepe paint pot on lid
- MAC "Swiss chocolate" on crease & outter 2/3 of lower lash line
- MAC "Charcoal brown" on outter V
- MAC "Rule" as transition color
- some matte white shadow on browbone & inner corners
- MAC "Dip down" fluidline on upper lash line & lower lash line

- Anna Sui blush #600
- MAC "Pinch O' Peach" blush on apples of cheeks
- MAC MSF "By Candlelight" on cheekbones
Kanebo PK-3

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Top left to right: Sheseido Hydro-powder e/s "Whitelights", Red Earth PU078 (shattered)
Bttom L to R: Sephora e/s "aspen summit" (I think that's the name?); MAC "Scene"; MAC "Beauty marked"; MAC "Rule

no lipstick here, but eyes show more of the colour than the first pic
- Red Earth PU078 on lid, not passing the crease & lower lash line
- Sephora e/s "aspen summit" on inner 1/3 of lid & brow bone
- Sheseido Hydro-powder e/s "Whitelights" on top of sehpora e/s & inner corners
-MAC "Scene" on crease
-MAC "Rule" as transition colour
- MAC "Beauty marked" on outter V
- MAC black track fluidline to line upper lash line & lower lash line
- MAC "Melba" blush
- MAC bronzing powder in "golden"
- MAC MSF "By Candlelight" as highlight
- MAC "Shy girl" lipstick

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Benefit "Skinny Jeans" creaseless cream shadow [on the go smokey eyes]

Benefit creaseless cream eyesahdow/liner "Skinny jeans"
Maybelline Falsies mascara
MAC Shadestick in "Sharkskin" [black with silver glitters]
MAC pearlglide eyeliner in "black line" [black with gold glitters]
NYX jumbo pencil "Pots & Pans" [silver]

Cheeks: MAC bronzing powder in "Golden"; MAC MSF "By candlelight"
Lips: MAC Creme de Nude lipstick

1) Apply Skinny Jeans all over the lid, not too high up, blend it out with your fingers to make sure there are no sharp edges (also put some along the lower lash line)
2) Put some black eye shadow or black paint stick(ex: NYX jumbo pencil "Black Bean") on the outter V to add depth to eyes. Blend it out.
3) Apply black eyeliner along upper lash line & lower lash line (I'm lovingg the MAC "Blackline" Pearlglide eyeliner, it does NOT smudge & it has gold glitter in it :D )

4) Apply mascara on top & lower lashes

5) Apply white eyshadow/silver eyeliner on inner corners
[ if you have time, highlight your brow bone and add some brown eyesahdow on the mid section of your eyes]