Monday, August 30, 2010

favorite brown eyes

- MAC "swiss chocolate" on outter 1/2 lid
- Benefit "rich beach" velvet eyeshadow on inner 1/3 of lid
- any dark brown eyeshadow on outter V
- MAC "Rule" on crease (right on top of "Swiss Chocolate")
- Lancome "latte" as brow bone highlight (matte white)
Nice things to pair with:
- MAC "Melba" blush
- MAC "By Candlelight" MSF
- MAC "Golden" bronzing powder to contour cheeks
- MAC "cremecup" lipstick

nails for this week

Friday, August 20, 2010

light & dark blue eyes

- Lancome #702 "" (word scratched off >_<) all over the lid & middle of bottom lash line
- MAC "Deep Truth" on crease & outter V & outter 1/3 of bottom lash line
- Lancome "Statuesque" (black) on outter V
- MAC "Rule" (orange) as a blending colour
- Sephora shimmery white on brow bone and inner corners
[ I Really like the Lancome eyeshadow, it has blue shimmers in's just not like a typical light blue...!]
- MAC "Golden" bronzing powder
- Anna Sui blush #600
- MAC MSF "By Candlelight"
- YSL Rouge Volupte #13
- Anna Sui lipgloss #604

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Blue-ish Pink smokey eyes

- MAC "Creme de Violet" on lid & mid section of bottom lash line
- MAC "Beauty Marked" on outter-V, crease & outter 1/3 of bottom lash line
- MAC "Rule" on mid section as a blending colour
- Lancome "Latte" on brow bone
- Sephora Shimmery white e/s on inner corners
- Bobbi Brown "Blushed" blush
- MAC Bronzing Powder in "Golden"
- MAC MSF "By Candlelight"
- MAC Lady Gaga lipstick

Smashbox Soft Lights in "Prism" vs. MAC "Well Dressed" blush

[Left side: MAC; right side: Smashbox]
I always use these two blushes together because the MAC Well Dressed intensify the pink shade.
Smashbox Softlights "Prism"
- $34 CAD (or $32 I forgot)
- very pigmented, easy to pick up
- bigger than MAC "Well Dressed"
- more of a brownish pink compared to "Well Dressed"
MAC "Well Dressed"
- $22 CAD
- less pigmented than "Prism"
- more of a barbie pink compared to "Prism"
How I apply them:
- I use a small blush brush to pick up "Prism" first, then I pack it on the apples of my cheeks up to my ears. I pack it first so that the shade can show up more on my skin tone(NC25). Then I use the same brush to pick up "Well Dressed' and pack it on the apple of my cheeks. The reason I use a brush like the size of MAC 109 is to make the blush more concentrated.

Daytime Smokey Eyes

I reallyyyyy love this palette for crease and blending colours!! Well I still love MAC "Rule" eyeshadow the most though as a blending colour.
It was really bright and sunny outside yesterday so I wanted to wear a really soft brown smokey eye. My camera/phone couldn't really capture the actually colours on my eyes , too bad T__T
Anyway, I used all matte colours except for the inner corners of my eyes.
- #1 all over the lid (medium brown)
- GOSH Black Eyeliner (line it on lash line and smudge it with a smudge brush)
- #2 (matte black) on outter-V and crease [Blending is the key, blend it real well w/ the brown]
- #3 (dark beige/light orange) above the black/mid-section of the eyes
- #4 (white) brow bone highlight
--> of course, line the bottom lash line with your eyeliner, and apply some brown eyeshadow along it. [I also lined my top lash line with MAC fluidline]
- NYX jumbo in silver on the inner corners
- Smashbox Softlights in "Prism"
- MAC Well-dressed blush
- Benefit "Hoola"
- MAC MSF "By Candlelight" on cheekbones
- MAC Lady Gaga lipstick [sheer blue-ish pink]

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Coastal Scents mineral eyeshadow [turquoise, light golden orange]

I ordered the CS mineral eyeshadows in the $1 form. They came in tiny plastic bags but I put them in little plastic containers so it's not as messy when I use them. I'm not that crazy about mineral eyeshadow but I just wanted that turquoise colour. It turns out to be somewhat different than what I expected but it's okay...

Eyes: (I foiled the mineral eyeshadow)

- Turquoise on lid

- Golden orange on 1/3 of lid

- CS taupe colour on crease

- CS dark brown colour on outter V

- CS dark beige colour as blending colour (middle shade in the last picture)

- CS matte white as highlight

[ I also put the brown, turquoise and golden orange on my lower lashline]

- MAC Dip Down Fluidline


- MAC "Melba" blush

- MAC "By Candlelight" MSF

- MAC bronzing powder "Golden"


- MAC "Creme de Nude"

- Anna Sui Lipgloss #604

Nails atm!

I hadn't used my Konad nail kit in a while so I decided to use it yesterday :) I love this design for the summer because the bright light makes the pink and opaque background more popping. Moreover, the colorful sparkles that I put on top look really nice in the sun too ^^
My nails are so short and weak right now T__T I bought the Salley Hansen Miracle Growth and I used it as a base... You're supposed to have 30% longer nails in 5 days but I'm not sure about that...!
So the sephora nail polish is called "Bare to be Different." I thought it was going to be similar/ almost identical to the OPI "Timeless" but turns out that this one is less opaque than the OPI and it has a little bit of pink in it. I somewhat regret buying it but oh well it's not that bad.
After using the nail stamps I just used a top coat to apply the sparkles (Got it in HK).
Loveee Konad!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Matte Pink and Brown eyes

So I finally got my CS 88 warm palette but I can't believe the tax and duties cost as much as the palette... but anyway, I love using the colours for the crease, highlight and blending colour :D

So that matte/satin pink eyeshadow is from MAC but I don't remmeber what it's called.. I like how it doesn't have shimmer :)


- MAC Pink on lid

- MAC "Pink Venus" on inner 1/3 of lid

- CS taupe colour (gold undertone) on crease

- CS orangey brown as blending colour

- CS dark brown on outter V

- CS shiny white as highlight

[ CS palettes don't have names for their shades so I'm just going to describe the colours]


- MAC "dressermakerdressmaker" lipstick


- Smashbox softlights in "Prism"

- MAC "Well Dressed"

[I always wear them together]

- Benefit Hoola

What's in my Makeup bag?

After walking around the whole HongKong I found this $20HKD make up bag on Fa Yuen Street in MongKok ahahaaa that's about $3CAD? hehe ... but my jaw dropped when I saw this other place selling this bag for MUCH more expensive... I think they sold it for $150HKD so like 7/8 times as much... absurd! So the outside is of course leopard skin but the inside has gold sequins. The sequins shine through the half transparent leopard skin so it's really nice ^^

Anyway, this is what I usually put in my make up bag!
  • MAC blotting powder
  • Some sort of lip balm (the circle container in the picture is a lip balm from Shills)
  • comb
  • mini glass nail filer (glass filers are GREAT cuz they forever, literally)
  • bandades (because I always get hurt from my shoes!)
  • lipstick of the day
  • mini perfume
  • blotting paper
  • Retractable lip brush

Thursday, August 12, 2010

How I apply Revlon ColorStay Foundation

So first of all, I use the Combination/Oily skin in 220 Natural Beige. I'm a NC25 for Mac Studio Fix. The Revlon ColorStay foundation has SPF6 and it's medium coverage. The consistency is quite thick so it'll be hard to apply with a brush with scarce bristles like the MAC188. I'd say that it is a satin finish and it does a pretty good job at controlling the oil, but I have a REALLY oily T-zone so I don't know if any foundation can really control my oil THAT well. But anyway, I wear this foundation occasionally, not everyday because I want something light on my face on a daily basis. Since I always like having a matte face, I apply powder on top of this foundation.
How to avoid a cakey face!
So the first time I applied this foundation, I used my Kabuki brush up there to apply the Shu Uemura loose powder on top. The Shu powder is REALLY fine and it never cakes up my face. But when I applied it with my Kabuki, my face became really cakey. Therefore, DON'T use a kabuki to buff your loose powder after applying the Revlon ColorStay!
How to apply the foundation:
I've tried using the MAC 109 and it worked fine, but I don't particularly LOVE to use it because I normally use the brush to contour my face and using it with the foundation makes my brush kind of gungky...
There are two sponges up there, the left one is the Shu Uemura sponge and the right one is a Sheseido sponge. You can use a DAMP or DRY sponge to apply this foundation. Simply use your fingers and dot the foundation on your face and blend quickly because this foundation dries quite fast. A good sponge is essential because some sponges absorb a lot of the product so you may end up wasting it!
Applying powder afterwards:
Use a flat top brush or a powder puff to apply your loose powder/powder foundation afterwards. Don't do any swirling motion, just dab and press the powder on your face. But of course, avoid picking up too much powder!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My Makeup Storage

My "vanity table"...this is actually just the top of my black drawer -_-" Don't actually have room in my room for a vanity table! anyway I put my brushes, accessories, moisturizers, hair sprays, face primers, the sucky BareMinerals (I hate the loose powder) and etc. on it. It's PACKED. -_- Anyway I got this pretty table cloth when I was back in HK a month ago, glad I got it cuz it covers the stuff right underneath the top!
I got this from someone and it fits 9 lipsticks/glosses (I don't really use lip gloss cuz it's sticky and it gets onto my coffee mug), but I put this on my vainty table and I just put my lip glosses in it since I don't have that many. I saw something similar to this at Daiso and I think it had 15 slots. I strongly recommend it :)

So one time I went to Daiso in Aberdeen Center and I found these amazing little drawers. They're sold in layers so you can buy as many layers as you and stack them. I bought these two bigger ones they were $3.50 CAD each. I put my MAC pallette at the top, fits perfectly :)

I keep my eyeshadows on the bottom drawer

I keep my blushes & bronzers on the top drawer.

I use this Guess box that came with my watch to store my foundations.

I got these smaller drawers and they were $2/ layer
I put my mascaras, eyeliners in the bottom drawer

Sample perfumes in this halved drawer
From Daiso as well, I fit 25 lipsticks in there, need to get another 1 now...!

one drawer for concealers, lash glue, eyeshadow bases

one of the halved drawer for tools (eyebrows, lashes, sharpener...) yes I know I didn't clean that lash thingy... I don't really use it anymore though =P

Saturday, August 7, 2010

smokey purple

- Lancome silver on lid
- Micabella "Twighlight" (Dark blue-ish purple) on crease
- MAC "Beauty Marked"on outter V
- MAC "Fig 1" right above crease colour
- Lancome "Latte" (Matte white) as highlight
- NYX Silver Jumbo pencil on inner corners
- Benefit Hoola
- LORAC "Plum" Blush
- MAC MSF "By Candlelight" as highlight
- MAC "Honey Love"