Sunday, January 30, 2011

Bobbi Brown Corrector (Bisque)

Before (I have pretty dark circles, but I don't have eye bags. The picture can't really capture how dark my circles are without any make up but you can clearly see a dark shadow under my eyes in reality)
After BB Corrector.
After MAC Studio Finish Concealer SPF 35 (NC20,my foundation is NC25)

If I apply this without the BB corrector, it does brighten up my under-eye area but the shadow still exists. I think this happens to a lot of people and the reason is that you need a corrector to even out the shadow first...! Because everyone's dark circles colours differ, you need to pick the right shade that suits you :)
I'm only using the MAC concealer on top to brighten up the area because the BB corrector doesn't have a brightening effect. I'm going to get the Bobbi Brown Highlighter Pen soon when there's an event at Murale (@ oakridge & I loveee it there!)
I was deciding between the BB highlighter pen or the YSL touche eclat... I read reviews about people complaining about the touche eclat applicator becomes smelly after a while.. and my friend recommended me to get the BB one so I guess I will stick with that :)

How I apply these:
I simply use a concealer brush and apply the product to my under eye area, and pat it with my fingers afterwards so it blends into my skin. Don't apply too much at a time, you don't want your undereye area to get cakey! Set it with a loose powder to set it so it doesn't crease/ come off. I use my Shu Uemura loose powder and it's not cakey at all because their powder is sooo finely milled. You can also use the Benefit loose powder for eyes to set it... I forgot what it's called =P

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Juicy Necklace

I spotted this during the winter break and I fell in love with it right away XD I didn't get it until recently though.. It was still on sale and I couldn't resist! I wish the bow was a little bigger =P
I got it at Blue Ruby and it was 40% off I think. So around $50 after tax hehe .. I still haven't found out whether it's sterling silver or not because all my gold juicy accessories have worn off to a brass color since the gold plating comes off after a while... =__="

Omg I just found out.. well not really because apparently my bf told me about it last year (totally forgot), that IMATS is in Vancouver tooooooo! LOL I've been wanting to go all along since I saw so many youtube videos about it.. it looks so much fun!! Tickets are $30 each before June something.. Must be ordered online and they will be held on July 23&24 :) wooooooo!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

FOTD: green eyes + peachy lips

- Lancome 108 Casque d'or (gold colour) on inner 1/3 lid
- MAC "She Who Dares" mineralize eye shadow (green side) on lid
- soft brown e/s on mid section of lid
- matte white e/s on brow bone
- black on outter V
- silver on inner corners
Anna Sui #600
Benefit Hoola for contour
MAC By Candlelight on cheekbones
MAC Kissable lipcolor "So Vain"

Too Faced Centerfold lipstick

During the break I came across a Too Faced sale at London drugs in downtown :) it was like..30% off or something? The collection was not as big as the one at Sephora though. Anyway I picked up this lipstick because it was the only colour that interested me.
The texture is quite creamy and the staying power is just like a normal lipstick.
It's a mauvy nude colour (but not tooo mauvy that will clash with purple looks) so personally I think it looks good with dark purple eyes because it just compliments the whole look.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Nails & FOTD

MAC Top Hat on crease (dark matte purple)
MAC Swish on lid
Black on outter V

Lips: Too Faced Centerfold lipstick
Cheeks: LORAC Plum blush

OPI Ink + konad! <3

Thursday, January 13, 2011

MAC Peacocky Collection - Kissable lipcolor ($21.50 CAD)

-"So Vain"

The Kissable lipcolors are in lip gloss tubes but the texture is definitely not like typical lipgloss. They are not sticky and drying. I normally hate wearing lipgloss because it's so sticky and it rubs off so easily especially when I'm always eating and drinking during the day. And because most lipglosses are just shiny and glossy, I personally don't think it's worthy to pay that much for a lip gloss. Then, why do I like this so much??

  • texture is in between a lipstick and lipgloss

  • non-sticky

  • it's not kiss-proof in the beginning because it is in a liquid/cream form with a shiny finish (not high shine though), BUT, say after I drink from my mug, the gloss is sort of gone but the color is still THERE. So, it does kind of stain my lips. Meanwhile, the color doesn't fade away on the inner parts of my lips, leaving color just on the edge because that's what some lip products do.

  • It's SOOO opaque! I don't even have to wear any lipstick under

I only purchased "So Vain" because the other colors don't look that interesting to me. "Super" is too dark for my skin tone. I wish they would come out with a shade close to "Faux" lipstick..!!

"So Vain" SO amazing that I had to get a back up for it...

Tried on "Woo Me" @ the MAC store but I felt like the color is nothing that special and it didn't stay on as long as "So Vain". MAC "Hug Me" lipstick is very close to it but of course "Woo Me" is a bit shinier and creamier.

- "Woo Me"

I lovee wearing neutral eyes with "So Vain"

SEPHORA nail colour - A True Romatnic

I got this as a gift and when I saw the colour in the bottle, I thought it was going to be so sheer than I'd have to put 5-6 layers in order for it to look as opaque. Surprisingly, this is much better than 'Bare to be Different'(paler pink). This is definitely not pastel looking like OPI "Mod about You" or Essie "Fiji". I put on 3 layers in the pictures but you still kind of see the tips of my nails...but it's still better than I expected :)