Saturday, October 23, 2010

FOTD featuring MAC "She Who Dares" (Green side)

  • MAC "All that Glitters" on firt 1/2 of lid (pass the double lid line) & mid section of lower lash line
  • MAC "Humid" on the outter 2/3 of lid up to the crease
  • MAC "Rule" as blending colour
  • MAC "She Who Dares" Green side (Foil it) on top of Humid & outter 1/3 of lower lash line Any black eyeshadow on outter V
  • Any matte white shadow (Lancome "Latte") as brow bone highlight
  • NYX jumbo pencil "pots and pans" on inner corners & shimmery white shadow on top


  • Anna Sui blush #600
  • MAC "Melba" slightly on top
  • MAC MSF "By Candlelight" for highlight
  • Benefit Hoola for contour


  • MAC "Dressmakerdressmaker"
  • Anna Sui lipgloss #604

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Nails: Pink tip w/ sparkles

Covergirl Disco Dazzle #405 & OPI "Heart Throb" (sheer pink)[you need a sheer nail polish for this look because you want to apply more layers as you move towards the tip of your nails]

Perfect Match!

Apply the mascara first before the eyeliner if you don't have time to wait for the eyeliner to dry.

fine tip allows precision & flexible thickness of the line, can easily draw fine points as well
[shake it before using]

GOSH extreme art eye liner

Heroine Kiss Me mascara & Maybelline Falsies VE mascara

So since I'm on my last Kiss Me mascara, I'm going to replace it with maybelline falsies. I actually like using both of them together because Kiss Me gives me more length and Maybelline falsies darken my lashes a lottttttt.

Perfect Match = Maybelline Falsies + GOSH extreme art eyeliner


  • both super waterproof, don't smudge don't budge
  • both are extremely black
  • stay put all day without colour fading

Maybelline Falsies VE:

Now if I had a choice I'd use Kiss Me and Maybelline falsies together. I love how the Falsies is so black that it makes your lashes stand out and look very volumized. However, I HIGHLY recommend you use a lash comb with Maybelline falsies or else it'll clump easily... (to me anyway, not sure with people who have thicker lashes) But in the instructions it tells you to apply more coats WITHOUT letting it dry. And it's true that if you keep applying more coats onto already dried coats, it'll look really.... thick and clumpy... and what should you do at this point??? LASH COMB!
When I apply this mascara I apply it pretty much the same way as the Kiss Me. First push my lashes up with the "curved out" side, and then I run the opposite side along my lashes.
--> another thing I like about this mascara is that it does NOT weigh my lashes down, but I find it VERY crucial the way you apply your mascara.. gotta apply it the right way/direction!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Everyday School Makeup

I've been wearing cat eyes to school everyday and I'm actually kind of getting bored with it.. but anyway, I start from the outter 2/3of my upper lash line and slowly go thicker toward the end.

I like using more dramatic blushes when I don't have that much eye make up..
ex) bobbi brown "Coral", Anna Sui "301", "600", MAC MSF "Stereo Rose"

I also always match my blush colour to my lipstick colour. And of course I like to use more dramatic lipstick colours when I have minimal eye make up too. (darker pinks/orange)

  • MAC "Stereo rose"/ Anna Sui "600) with MAC "Ravishing"

  • Anna Sui 301 with MAC "Chatter box"

  • Bobbi Brown "Coral" with Clarins #702/ MAC "Faux"

Here are the swatches from the lipsticks above, same order.
Clarins #702; MAC "Ravishing"; MAC "Faux" ; MAC "Chatterbox"

This is what I use everyday for school atm:

  • Skin 79 super BB cream
  • Bare Minerals Matte (depotted into Anna Sui case)
  • Lise Watier cream undereye cover
  • Lise Watier Portfolio (Wheel), the medium beige one on top of the cream concealer
  • MAC Studio fix concealer
  • MAC gel liner in "blacktrack" to tight line my upper lash line
  • Shu Uemura eye brow pencil
  • Gosh Extreme Art Eye liner #07 (black)
  • NYX "pots & pans" jumbo pencil for lower water line
  • Maybelline Falsies mascara (and i use my lash comb on the left to un-clump the nasty things of course)

So Why do I use 3 different concealers to coneal my dark circles??! well the Lise Watier creamy under eye concealer is just a base for the portfolio concealer because it's too dry. And I use the portfolio concealer on top because the cream under eye concealer doesn't have enough coverage by itself.. and then I use the MAC one on top just to act as a highlighter...
After I finish with all these I want to get the Bobbi Brown corrector + Dior skinflash Radiance booster pen!! Well I don't know when I will every finish with my Portfolio but at least until the cream concealer is gone first...

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Mac A Tartan Tale Collection Out on Oct.28th,2010 WANTs**!!

"Enviably Fun" eyeshadow...! The pattern is so pretty!

MY #1 PICK from the collection!!!!
and maybe some pigments.... can't waitttttt!

purple plum eyes

MAC shadestick in Sharkskin (just black)

top left corner: Lancome Latte (matte white)
middle quad: Lancome cream powder eyecolour quad (top left:Nuance, top right:Mauve Lustre, bottom left: Rose Ancien, bottom right: Raisin)
right bottom corner: Estee Lauder W-08 Black Moon Dark


Mauve Lustre on inner corners (optional: NYX pots&pans jumbo pencil first) & inner 1/3 of lid
Raisin on outter 2/3 of lid (not passing the "double lid line") & outter 2/3 of lower lashline
MAC shadestick on outter-v & outter 2/e of lower lash line
Rose Ancien on crease & mid section of lower lashline
Nuance right above Rose Ancien as a transition colour (it might look gold but its more orangey)
Black Mooon Dark right on top of MAC shadestick on outter-V
Latte on browbone highlight
MAC blacktrack fluidline on upper lash line
MAC NC15 Chromagraphic pencil on bottom water line
Heroine Kiss Me mascara

Lorac Blush in "Plum"
Benefit Hoola for contour
MAC "By Candlelight" MSF as highlight

MAC "honey love"

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Heroine make Kiss Me vs. Fiberwig (+covergirl lasblast volume)

Left eye: Kiss Me Right eye: Fiberwig

Kissme, Fiberwig, Covergirl

Fiber wig + covergirl Left eye: Kiss Me Right eye: Fiberwig
  • Both Kiss Me and Fiberwig are Japanese brands. Fibgerwig claims to use the tubing technology to give the false lash look. Both mascaras do have a lot of fibers attached to the wands but the wand shape is a little different as shown above. Fiberwig is a little longer and thicker near the top.
My first impression of Fiberwig was that it was really light. However, I was surprised that it still weighed down my lashes, so I HAD to curl it again after the first layer of application. But don't worry, because it's so light, your lashes won't stick to your curler after the first layer. I like to use both sides of the wand and so I applied a few more layers and tried to get the fibers to lengthen my lashes. I noticed that the fibers went in all directions. So after combing and applying, I achieved my desired length. It's actually not as black as I'd like, so I just use Covergirl lashblast over it. It doesn't really do much to my lashes except darken the blackness.
When I took this off with my Shu uemura oil cleanser, it came right off in tubes.... so it's really fast to remove.
It is a bit heavier than the Fiberwig but for some reason it doesn't weigh down my lashes. It locks in the curls (fibers dont' stray in random directions like Fiberwig) and I don't have to curl my lashes again afterwards. It gives me a bit more volume than Fiberwig and it's also darker than it. It takes faster to apply without having to constnatly comb and curl.
  • In the last picture, I wore Kiss Me on the left eye and Fiberwig on the right eye. It's obvious that Fiberwig gives me a lot more length than Kiss Me, however, it looks pretty much the same when I open my eyes. Why? Because even though Fiberwig gives me more length, it weighs my lashes down more than Kiss Me, so when I open my eyes they end up looking very similar.
  • Overall I'd prefer Kiss Me if I'm in a rush because Fiberwig takes a lot longer for me to apply. (Combing is really important)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bare Minerals Matte

So I decided to transfer my bare minerals foundation into my Anna Sui loose powder container because I find it really hard to use in the oringial packaging. And what happened to my Anna Sui loose powder... I transferred that into a plastic bag and I'm looking for a container which I can use to give to my friend...! I have 3 loose powders so I figured I should give one away.. haha... I couldn't open the lid of the bare minerals container so I had to get the powder out through the holes! I feel like I wasted a lot of it... but anyway...
Thoughts about the product:
I actually hadn't worn the bare minerals for a while because I feel like it gives very poor coverage and it just didn't seem to do much. The shade is actually too dark for my skin too. This shade is quite yellow but I just use my shu uemura loose powder over it to brighten my face. (But I think the yellow-ness counteracts the redness on my face) I feel that if I use this mineral powder, I'd have to use it over a tinted moisturizer or at least with a lot of concealer on my face first. So I'm starting to wear this everyday to school on top of my Skin79 BB cream. It's not bad at controlling my oil but it's not amazing.
I bought the Sephora mineral powder brush just for this foundation, but unfortunately, I ended up not liking this foundation all that much. Its okay though! I still love the brush :) It's super soft and dense and I've experienced no fall outs. So all I do is I just dab the brush into the powder and tap off the excess , and swirl it in small circles all over my face.

Red Lips

GOSH extreme art eye liner #07 2/3 of upper lids (my FAVOURITE liquid liner, it's so black and superrrrrrr waterproof!! doens't smudge, doesn't fade.) [apply this after mascara]
NYX jumbo eyeshadow pencil "Pots & Pan" on inner corners
Lise Watier eye glitter liner "Opale" on top of nyx jumbo pencil
Maybelline "the Falsies" mascara
GOSH twisting eyeliner in black on outter 2/3 on lower lash line
MAC Sheertone blush in "Pinch O' Peach"
MAC bronzing powder "Golden" to contour
Smashbox "Prism" for highlight
MAC Viva Glam Cyndi lipstick
Kat Von D lipgloss in "strutter" [it has some really pretty pink glitter in it :) ]