Thursday, May 12, 2011

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Some Stuff from Seattle

Forever 21 in Seattle was 3 floors!! So huge I loved it! Accessories seemed to be cheaper than the ones in the Canadian forever 21, clothes were nicer too. I liked a lot of the clothes there but I didn't get them all XD

Bows + Pearl <3 love!

I always wanted this kind of earrings but they were always too heavy and I never saw a pair that I liked that much... These are perfect :D

Seattle Sephora has tax exemption for BC residents if you show your ID! SOO amazing :D The NARS Hungry Heart Duo is different from the NARS albatross in the way that the glitters are bigger and they look REALLY pretty on the cheekbones when the sun shines at it at the right angle =P Even though one side is white and the other side is pink, I don't apply enough of the product on my face to show the shade. I just dab my brush very light on the product because I don't want my cheeks looking too glittery. This was $40 USD but it's $10 more in Canada, plus USD was (is) lower than CAD! I gotta promise myself not to get anymore highlighters, I have more than enough now x_x But.. they all produce a different effect :D

Monday, May 2, 2011

Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge for Lips and Cheeks - Cabo Coral 21 + Melliesh 05

Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge "Cabo Coral" ($27 CAD)
Again, LOVING coral! This is such a convenient product because it can be used for the cheeks as well as lips. I apply it on the cheeks as a base color though and use a powder blush on top. For the lips I use my Shu Uemura lip brush to apply it and for the cheeks I use the Lise Watier concealer brush for application. In comparison to the MAC cremeblend blush, it is a lot creamier and that's why it's a lip product as well. This will be awesome for travelling :)

I got the Fiberwig mascara even though I mentioned in an earlier post that it drags down my lashes. It's because I got an electric eyelash curler now so I thought it would work well for curling the lashes upward rather than using a normal curler. This mascara claims to be a better formula but it actually doesn't really seem like it... After I use the electric curler, the result is not as good as I expected. The lashes kind of clump together and don't look as long as they should be...! Maybe I haven't grasped the right way to use it so I will keep trying XD

Upper swatch: Bobbi Brown Pot rouge
Lower swatch: Melliesh 05

Melliesh lipgloss 05
It's quite opaque but not as much as the MAC Kissable Lipcolor. It doesn't last as long as the MAC one either. I guess it's because the MAC kissable lipcolor is not supposed to be a lipgloss so the nature of the products are different. When I look at the two tubes it looks like the MAC one contains more product but actually they both contain 5g. I'd apply the Melliesh lipgloss on its own because it's opaque enough. However, I wouldn't purchase the product again because it is quite sticky like a normal lipgloss and its lasting power isn't that good. I would prefer MAC kissable lip color much more than Melliesh lipgloss, but too bad the kissable lip color line doesn't carry that many colors that I like.