Monday, February 28, 2011

Coral blush, Coral lipstick

Anna Sui lip gloss #604
Bobbi Brown lipstick "Guava"
MAC Mineralized Skinfinish "Stereo Rose"

I love coral colored make up :D and once again I love matching my blush to my lipstick so I wore this combination together :)

I wore the MAC MSF for around the same length of time as the Bobbi Brown Shimmer brick and the Shimmer brick has a much longer lasting power =_=" The MAC MSF was almost gone by the end of the day......! Well the shimmer was still there but color was barely there. They both give me the feeling that they give the same kind of finish on the cheeks because they're both very shiny, but I think the shimmer bricks has more shimmer so it gives a different kind of sheen to the face.

Putting the Anna Sui gloss over the Guava lipstick makes it a bit lighter. I think Guava is the darkest coral lipstick that I have... >=] I can't wait to go check out the MAC Sheen Supreme lipstick collection! I want to see 'daring' and 'full speed'... I also haven't checked out the viva glam gaga II lipstick! oh and I definitely want to try "lady danger", but it's just in the normal collection, which is an orange based red lipstick :)

I just dyed my hair a darker brown colour few days ago so I have to switch my eye brow color back to my old one! So I'm back to using my Shu Uemura twisting brow pencil.. It's just so amazing..! The color goes on so well and I don't have to draw that hard. I heard the actual pencil (ones u need to sharpen) is really popular too but I never tried that. The twisting one seems to be more convenient since there's a brush on the other end :) haha I LOVE Shu Uemura!! <3

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick (Nectar)

So! Last week I ordered the Bobbi Brown shimmer brick in Nectar on .. Guess how much it was?
$18 CAD !!!!!!! WITH FREE SHIPPING! amazing right!
I think the retail price is probably around $40-50. I never saw it that cheap before.. I was going to get one during christmas for like.. thirty something dollars? I think it was in Bronze, but I missed it and it was sold out (on So when I saw this I ordered it right away... With free shipping you'd probably think it'd take forever to come,but it came in a week!
It was unboxed though but it's okay :)

I applied it with my Eco-tools blush brush and just swirl it all over the color strips. It sort of looks like my Bobbi Brown 'coral' blush... haha but a lot more shimmery. It's a very nice coral/pinkish color and you definitely don't need to apply a separate highlighter with this. What I do is I just apply the colour on my cheeks and brush over my cheek bones afterwards with the left over shimmer. It basically looks like a pinkish coral blush with NARS Alabtross (gold shimmer) all over the cheeks.

Some of BB shimmer bricks can be used for eyeshadow as well, but I don't think I will with this one..maybe just the white color strip... =P

I wore it since 7 am in the morning and I took that picture at around 9 pm, so it lasts quite long on the cheeks :)

Anyway, you can find some really great deals on that website sometimes... check it out!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Murale Points Redemption :D

BB lipstick Guava

I didn't know how much to twist the BB highlighter pen when I first used it and I twisted too many times so the product just squished out =_="

BB e/s "Java" ...really nice taupe colour and texture is very smooth <3

So last weekend there was an event at Murale for points redemption and I redeemed $90 :D I spent 40,000 points and it claimed that I was saving $27 during that event compared to the normal system... Anyway I bought the Bobbi Brown eye tinted highlighter [light bisque] $50, BB lipstick in "Guava" $27 and BB e/s in "Java" $26. I ended up paying around $25 for the tax and because I went a little over $90 so I covered the rest :)
Maybe I will try accumulating my points up to the highest level, which is like $180 or something o_o haha it will take a while....

I should do a comparison between the BB Guava lipstick and some other lipsticks later :)

Order finally came!

So because last summer I only brought back like one or two of these from HK... [I totally regret it] I had to buy the Maybelline falsies. I just dont' think I can find any other mascara that can lengthen as crazy as this mascara. Well my friend said the Dior one is really good but it costs a fortune! I'm really not willing to spend so much on a mascara since i have to throw it out at most after 3 months of use. So I found this website and they sell them for $13 each! wooot! I think it's around.. $11 CAD in HK so it's not much of a difference... and guess what ! It's free shipping! However.. it took about 3 weeks for these to arrive. It's okay, I'll just order more maybe after I finish using one up. One usually lasts me.. 2 months? I like wearing the Maybelline Falsies mascara over this to darken my lashes :)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Where did my perfume go?

So I got this tiny perfume bottle in HK but I believe you can find them in Daiso/Yokoyaya here in Vancouver. Anyway I put my Issey Miyake perfume in there and I pop it in my make up bag that I bring out with me. I have been neglecting it so one day I took it out and realized some of it was missing...! I guess maybe the lid doesn't screw tight enough or something.. or it just slowly evaporates... -_- I probably won't be putting perfume in there anymore.. I always forget about it when I'm out haha.

some blue eyes

  • Mac Shadestick "Sharskin" on outter corners
  • Lancome #702 e/s all over the lid, not passing the crease
  • MAC "She Who Dares" mineralize e/s [blue side] (wet the brush) on top of the MAC shadestick and in the middle of the lid [since I didn't put the black shadestick on the middle part, it creates a kind of gradient effect]
  • some shimmer white shadow on inner corners

Thursday, February 17, 2011

No Brush Guard...!

Brush guard from Sigma.

When I don't have a brush guard for my brush, I use tape to shape them XD hahaa
And of course the sticky side faces the outside :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Make Up with KATE diamond cut eyes

So my friend was going on a date on Valentine's and she asked me to do her make up :)
It was my first time working with monolids and I thought I should use darker shadow so it wouldn't make her eyes look swollen that easily...actually after I added some shimmer white on the first 1/3 of the lids, it made the look a lot better :) I really like that shimmer white because it's just so.. shimmery.. haha I got it a long time ago from Sheseido, I dropped it and it shattered so it kind of became a pigment now LOL

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Make Up

High tea @ Secret Garden in Kerrisdale

Estee Lauder Black Moon Dark, Black Moon Light
MAC Creme de Violet, MAC Pink Venus, MAC Fig1

  • Pink Venus on first 1/3 of lid
  • Creme de Violet on outter 2/3 of lid
  • Black Moon Dark (dark grey) on crease
  • Fig1 above Black Moon Dark
  • some orangy brown as blending color between Fig1 and brow bone highlight
  • matte white shadow on brow bone, shimmer white on inner corners

  • Lips: Bobbi Brown Ice Pink
  • Cheeks: MAC Melba blush, MAC bronzing powder "Golden" to contour, MAC MSF "By Candlelight" as highlight

Sunday, February 13, 2011

New Brush Holder

  • Got the Vase from Daiso $6.50, Vase fillers from Michael's around $6-7
  • New container for my blushes [Daiso $2]
  • I love double ended brushes but I have no idea how i can store them -.-

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Benefit "Carte Blanche" Creaseless Cream Shadow/Liner

Carte Blanche is a very wearable color and it's good for everyday make up. It's a taupe color with a bit of red undertone to it (to me it is). If you want you could wear it alone too. I really want to try the Make up forever aqua cream in 'taupe' too. It seems more pigmented than this one.

  1. Apply the cream shadow over the lid , a little pass the crease (I find it best to apply with a horse hair brush, the color goes on better than applying with fingers/synthetic brush) [BUT "skinny jeans" goes on well with fingers @_@]
  2. Apply a taupe/medium brown color on the crease, I used Benefit "Dandy Brandy" e/s
  3. Dark brown on the outter V, black eyeliner along upper lash line, brown eyeliner on lower lash line
  4. shimmery white on inner corner

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Cranberry & Gold

-MAC All that Glitters on lid & middle of lower lash line
-MAC Cranberry on crease & outter 1/3 lower lash line [it's supposed to be a cranberry colour but I dont know why it looks brown in the picture...]
-MAC Beauty Marked on outter V
-NYX Jumbo Pencil Pots & Pans & Lise Watier glitter liner on inner corners
- matte white/latte colour on brow bone

- LORAC Plum blush
- MAC Melba on apples of cheeks

- MAC Viva Glam Cyndi

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Things I See that Bother Me

A lot of people wear false lashes these days and they're especially popular among Japanese culture.
They bring depth to the eyes and also excentuate the eye make up. Some people think false lashes block their eye shadows so they like to stick with mascara more, but of course you need to adjust the shape and intensity of the eyeshadow depending on the type of lashes that you wear too.

At times there are things that I see that bother me...
  • when I can see the separation of people's lashes & false lashes (some don't even bother curling or doing anything to their lashes..especially when most Asian lashes just point down...)
  • when the ends of their false lashes point downward, or I think it's because they wear the lashes too much to the end of their eyes? I don't know, but I see a lot of girls in Japanese magazines wear their lashes like that
  • When the false lashes band is too hard and tend to detach from the eyes (esp. the begining & ends)
  • when people wear false lashes without ANY eye makeup
  • when the lashes are way too dramatic for their eyes...
Other eye make up issues that bother me:
  • when people don't wear eyeliner when they wear eyeshadow
  • when people wear a bright color on their eyelids without any contouring color, it just makes their eyes look swollen and weird (not as severe with people that have deep eye sets though, such as Caucasian eyes)
*Not pointing fingers at anyone but I just felt like sharing XD