Saturday, January 29, 2011

Juicy Necklace

I spotted this during the winter break and I fell in love with it right away XD I didn't get it until recently though.. It was still on sale and I couldn't resist! I wish the bow was a little bigger =P
I got it at Blue Ruby and it was 40% off I think. So around $50 after tax hehe .. I still haven't found out whether it's sterling silver or not because all my gold juicy accessories have worn off to a brass color since the gold plating comes off after a while... =__="

Omg I just found out.. well not really because apparently my bf told me about it last year (totally forgot), that IMATS is in Vancouver tooooooo! LOL I've been wanting to go all along since I saw so many youtube videos about it.. it looks so much fun!! Tickets are $30 each before June something.. Must be ordered online and they will be held on July 23&24 :) wooooooo!

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