Thursday, January 13, 2011

MAC Peacocky Collection - Kissable lipcolor ($21.50 CAD)

-"So Vain"

The Kissable lipcolors are in lip gloss tubes but the texture is definitely not like typical lipgloss. They are not sticky and drying. I normally hate wearing lipgloss because it's so sticky and it rubs off so easily especially when I'm always eating and drinking during the day. And because most lipglosses are just shiny and glossy, I personally don't think it's worthy to pay that much for a lip gloss. Then, why do I like this so much??

  • texture is in between a lipstick and lipgloss

  • non-sticky

  • it's not kiss-proof in the beginning because it is in a liquid/cream form with a shiny finish (not high shine though), BUT, say after I drink from my mug, the gloss is sort of gone but the color is still THERE. So, it does kind of stain my lips. Meanwhile, the color doesn't fade away on the inner parts of my lips, leaving color just on the edge because that's what some lip products do.

  • It's SOOO opaque! I don't even have to wear any lipstick under

I only purchased "So Vain" because the other colors don't look that interesting to me. "Super" is too dark for my skin tone. I wish they would come out with a shade close to "Faux" lipstick..!!

"So Vain" SO amazing that I had to get a back up for it...

Tried on "Woo Me" @ the MAC store but I felt like the color is nothing that special and it didn't stay on as long as "So Vain". MAC "Hug Me" lipstick is very close to it but of course "Woo Me" is a bit shinier and creamier.

- "Woo Me"

I lovee wearing neutral eyes with "So Vain"

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