Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Benefit "Skinny Jeans" creaseless cream shadow [on the go smokey eyes]

Benefit creaseless cream eyesahdow/liner "Skinny jeans"
Maybelline Falsies mascara
MAC Shadestick in "Sharkskin" [black with silver glitters]
MAC pearlglide eyeliner in "black line" [black with gold glitters]
NYX jumbo pencil "Pots & Pans" [silver]

Cheeks: MAC bronzing powder in "Golden"; MAC MSF "By candlelight"
Lips: MAC Creme de Nude lipstick

1) Apply Skinny Jeans all over the lid, not too high up, blend it out with your fingers to make sure there are no sharp edges (also put some along the lower lash line)
2) Put some black eye shadow or black paint stick(ex: NYX jumbo pencil "Black Bean") on the outter V to add depth to eyes. Blend it out.
3) Apply black eyeliner along upper lash line & lower lash line (I'm lovingg the MAC "Blackline" Pearlglide eyeliner, it does NOT smudge & it has gold glitter in it :D )

4) Apply mascara on top & lower lashes

5) Apply white eyshadow/silver eyeliner on inner corners
[ if you have time, highlight your brow bone and add some brown eyesahdow on the mid section of your eyes]



  1. So Beautiful~!
    Thanks for your POSTS ! I Love mascara, Great eyelash curlers and all things Lashes as my lashes are so straight~
    MY favorite is the Hot Lashes heated 2 pc lash curler! You may want to read reviews on Amazon.com about Hot Lashes Makeup artist Kit..Absolute best out there~!
    Makes my eyes POP and Keeps my lashes curly till the next day. They also have a HotLashes.com website and a coupon code Hot2 for 15% discount at checkout~!
    Major Rave, the cadillac of curlers..They have an amazing sturdy gold curler similiar to the SHU one.
    My friends and I love love love this one! Best by far,,

  2. Thanks and no problem :)
    Haha I can't live without mascara or at least an eye lash curler because my asian lashes are so straight too >_<
    Oh I've never heard about the Hot lashes lash curler..I'll definately check it out, thanks for letting me know :) Sounds sooo awesome!