Monday, November 8, 2010

OPI Expert Touch Lacquer remover vs Sally Hansen

[I put the Sally Hansen nail polish into the container on the left b/c its so much more convienient]

As you can see, I have cracks on my nails (all the time) because I wear nail polish everyday. Right now, my nails are all at around the same length. However, before I started using the OPI nail polish remover, once my nails chipped, they'd get even more fragile after I use the Sally Hansen nail polish remover to take off my nail polish. Eventually I'd have to cut them short.
Sally Hansen nail polish remover only costs a few bucks but the OPI is $20. However, I got it for $10 when it was on sale at London Drugs.
Improvements from switching to OPI:
- nails aren't as yellow
- stronger nails after using it to remove nail polish (usually they'd be soft and fragile)
- moisturizing (like ACTUALLY)
- What I LOVE about this is that it STOPS my nails from chipping FURTHER. Before, when I triped digging under the chipped part it'd peal even more, but with the OPI, even when i try to dig underneath, I CAN'T! [I know i'm not supposed to dig it in the first place though hahah]
I'm going to stick with the OPI nail polish remover and I'm just going to use Sally when I use my Konad kit :)
  • So earlier I ordered the Nail Tek Foundation II online because it was highly recommended by this make-up guru on youtube, she said that it was what prevented her nails from getting chipped. I paid $10 CAD in total but I think it's only about $5 in the states or something. ANyway I was really excited about it but after using it twice, I realised that it made my nail polish chip really fast and just worsened my nail condition. I'll use it a couple more times before I'm sure of anything but so far I'm not happy with it.

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