Monday, November 22, 2010

MAC Pearlglide intense eye liner "Black Line" & "Lord it Up"

Left: "Black Line" [black with gold sparkles], Right: "Lord it Up" [brown with gold sparkles]
Black Line looks darker but I just didn't swatch hard enough, and of course the gold glitter is more obvious in "Black Line" since the contrast is bigger.

"Lord it Up", see the gold sparkles? that sparkling one on the left eye near the end haha

I love wearing this now because brown looks more natural and it looks good with my new light brown hair colour haha. Most of all, these eyeliners DONT SMUDGE! I loveee how the gold sparkles are so subtle yet pretty.

Wearing Lord it Up

I like wearing Black Line with gold & brown eyeshadow because the gold sparkles go with the gold shadow... I'd probably use Lord it up with it too but it just wont give as much definition to the eyes.

I wish I had all the pearlglide intense eye liners! They are SOO awesome!

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