Thursday, December 16, 2010

MAC Palette transformation

So I was looking at the Z-Palettes on their website and I really wanted to get one because I bought a MAC blush in pan form but i don't have a palette for it...And also just in case I get more things in pan form in the future. But I found out that shipping was $11 I was just like... it's not worth it to pay thirsty something bucks for an empty palette... So I was looking at Enkore's hand made palettes, they look so interesting and nice but too much work =_=" Well maybe if I know where to get all the supplies then I'd try to make one... :)
Anyway then I remmeber seeing people using their mac palettes without the pan holder, which only fits 15 shadows. So I tried taking out the pan holder but kinda failed =_= I broke the top two corners so it's pretty ugly now.. Don't know how it will look if I put it back but I don't wanna try, I probably won't anyway. haha.. So this is how it looks after I took it out. You just lift it up from the front part and use something to lift up the pan holder. It has 5/6 clips so just kind of wiggle it out. I guess I wasnt careful enough @_@ oh well whatever :)
I can fit one more blush in there I think. If you only put MAC shadows in there it can fit up to like 26 shadows.
That blush at the corner is "Pinch O' Peach" , I kinda regret buying it because the color pay off isn't that great compared to "Melba".. well I guess it's kind of like Well Dressed. Some mac blushes are good and some are just so-so .. o well. Of course NARS and Bobbi Brown are way better :)

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