Saturday, December 4, 2010

How to make your gel liner smudge-proof! [Tight lining]

Tight lining , don't mind my veins haah, didn't wear foundation

MAC Fluidline "Blacktrack" & Urban Decay Primer Potion

Body Shop "Slanted" brush
AMAZING, its soo thin and the hairs don't flare out, excellent to apply thin eyeliner, easy application

Bottom: Quo "Angled eyeliner brush"
Amazing as well, hair stays together and allow precise application. It's bent so that even if you want to apply your eyeliner after mascara, it won't get in your way :) It's just easier in general.
  • My face gets extremely oily and I have to apply powder/use blotting paper every couple hours. Even my eyes lids get oily. If I apply eyeshadow without the UD primer potion, it'd crease within an hour, well maybe a little over an hour. haha.
  • So I was planning to get the make up forever cream liner because I heard it's more waterproof than the MAC fluidline and Bobbi Brown gel liner. The MAC fluidline doesnt smudge that much on me if I don't apply it on my waterline, but it's still not that waterproof, I guess I'm just too oily. Anyway, so this is what I tried today and it worked:
1) Use the QUO slanted brush to apply some UD primer protion along upper lash line
2) Pick up some MAC fluid line with the Body Shop brush, lift up your lid and press the product along upper lashes, as close as possible, this is what the brush is really good for
I know I'm not exactly putting it on the waterline but the reason why I do this is just to fill out the gaps in between my lashes, making them appear fuller. I like to do this when I'm only wearing mascara on the eyes. This works for me so hopefully this helps someone out there :)

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