Sunday, December 19, 2010


Benefit "Skinny jeans" crealess cream shadow all over lid
Benefit "Dandy Brandy" on crease
Black e/s on outter V
MAC "Rule" as blending colour
Some matte white e/s as highlight
NYX "Pots & Pans" on inner corners


MAC Jest on lid

MAC Sketch on crease

MAC Rule as blending colour

Some dark brown e/son outter V

NYX jumbo pencil "Pots & Pans" on inner corners


  1. Gorgeous. How did you apply Pots and Pans? I find the NYX Jumbo Pencils a bit patchy and hard to work with at times.

  2. I only own the Pots and Pans and i swatched the black bean on my hand before too, it seeemed quite creamy. It just glides on when I apply it (at least for the pots and pans) and I usually just put it on my inner corners and blend it with my fingers a little bit. I know a lot of people use the white jumbo pencil as a BASE colour all over the lid though :) I always wanted to get it but it's always sold out T_T

  3. Thanks for replying! I have quite a few, and some are better than others, but the white one, Milk, I find *way* too patchy as an all over lid base, and it also creases for me. It's not too bad as an inner corner highlight though :) PS I got mine from a couple of years ago, I think it's always sold out now 'cos of Xsparkage :P

  4. ooooh but honestly everything creases on me so I apply the urban decay primer protion underneath ANYthing even the mac paint pots.
    I buy NYX products at Rexall haha ..I've heard of cherry culture too I'll go take a look there :) I never saw Xsparkage's videos actuallly..! let me go check her out :)

  5. I use UDPP too! If I put powder eyeshadows over it, they crease, but if I use UD Cream Shadows over it, then put powder eyeshadows over it, it lasts until I take it off, even if that's over 24 hours after I first put it on! I tried MAC Shadestick in Sharkskin but it always creases.

    Xsparkage is damn good at what she does, I hope you enjoy her videos! The NYX Milk thing is mainly from her Greek God series but she uses it in nearly all her recent videos too :D

  6. OO really that's weird! I thought cream shadows would make it crease more easily... the UDPP never creased on me until recently and I'm thinking maybe it's been too long @_@ Oh if it creases on you, make sure your lids are not oily when you apply it. I usually apply some loose powder all over my eyes first with a brush before I apply the UDPP and it works for me. Or even use blotting paper to blot away the oil on your lids. (I dont know if you are that oily but I am. haha)
    And I do apply the UDPP first before the mac shadestick too.. works fine :)
    haha hmm hopefully I can get a hold of the NYX white jumbo pencil soon!

  7. I know, there just seems to be something about the UD Cream Shadows that set like iron on my skin :P I'll try using blotting paper on my lids before I apply UD PP in future, I do have oily skin - thanks for the tip! :)