Thursday, April 7, 2011

Birthday Makeup

This year's birthday I got 3 sets of body lotion/perfume/shower products...! One from Burberry, one from Philosophy, one from Vitabath. haha I'm really liking the Philosophy shower gel...smells so good and the scent is not too overwhelming at all~! The Burberry set is really pretty x.x The box is pink and cute! hahah the smell is very subtle too. Haven't tried the Vitabath yet but I'm looking forward to that because it's supposed to be moisturizing. My skin, especially my legs get pretty dry after I shower >_<" Hmm... What should I spend my MAC gift card on? Can't decide.. so many things I want haha... Carbon eyeshadow? So Sheer lipstick? Soft brown eyeshadow? I'll seee... =P ...
And right now.. I can't wait to receive my ipod excited :D Definitely going to get a bling bling cover for it LOL <3

- MAC fig on crease
- Sheseido Hydro Powder eyeshadow H2 on first 1/3 of lids & inner corners
- MAC Beauty Marked on outter V
- use some orangy/brown shade to blend out the fig color
- Black eyeshadow to line bottom lashes
- Ardell lashes, forgot the # ..!

- Too Faced Centerfold (mauve nude)

- LORAC Plum blush
- MAC Melba (a bit) on apples of cheeks
- Benefit Hoola to contour
- NARS Albatross as highlight

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