Saturday, April 2, 2011

Found THE hand cream, finally.

I had been on the search for some hand cream that wouldn't require me to reapply after I wash my hands. When it got to the point that I thought such hand cream didn't exist, I came across the hand therapy creme by Beauti Control. omg this stuff is amazing! I always wash my hands so my hands are pretty dry. The back of my right hand always peels, that's how dry it is. [usually just in the winter though] The sales person told me that this hand cream could last 3 washes and I was like.. really? ...

I tried, and guess what! It does! okay I didn't count how many washes it lasted but I really see an improvement of my disgusting dry skin. LOL satisfied! I'm thinking of bringing one back to Taiwan for my mom :) :) Well I'm not sure how dry her hands get though cuz it's quite humid there. I'll ask her first :) This thing is so cheap anyway =P

I give it a 4.9/5!

[ btw my panasonic curler arrived and I will be picking it up today omg so EXCITED!!] XD


  1. where did you buy this?

  2. You can get it online or from one of the BeautiControl consultants. They're not sold in stores~~

  3. OMG!! So they were right about it!! I was kinda skeptical, since we did the hand manicure underneath. Damn! shoulda got one!!


  4. u wanna order again? my friend wants one too. it will work out to be 16 something each person including everything. cuz i wanna get one for my mom too