Thursday, October 21, 2010

Perfect Match!

Apply the mascara first before the eyeliner if you don't have time to wait for the eyeliner to dry.

fine tip allows precision & flexible thickness of the line, can easily draw fine points as well
[shake it before using]

GOSH extreme art eye liner

Heroine Kiss Me mascara & Maybelline Falsies VE mascara

So since I'm on my last Kiss Me mascara, I'm going to replace it with maybelline falsies. I actually like using both of them together because Kiss Me gives me more length and Maybelline falsies darken my lashes a lottttttt.

Perfect Match = Maybelline Falsies + GOSH extreme art eyeliner


  • both super waterproof, don't smudge don't budge
  • both are extremely black
  • stay put all day without colour fading

Maybelline Falsies VE:

Now if I had a choice I'd use Kiss Me and Maybelline falsies together. I love how the Falsies is so black that it makes your lashes stand out and look very volumized. However, I HIGHLY recommend you use a lash comb with Maybelline falsies or else it'll clump easily... (to me anyway, not sure with people who have thicker lashes) But in the instructions it tells you to apply more coats WITHOUT letting it dry. And it's true that if you keep applying more coats onto already dried coats, it'll look really.... thick and clumpy... and what should you do at this point??? LASH COMB!
When I apply this mascara I apply it pretty much the same way as the Kiss Me. First push my lashes up with the "curved out" side, and then I run the opposite side along my lashes.
--> another thing I like about this mascara is that it does NOT weigh my lashes down, but I find it VERY crucial the way you apply your mascara.. gotta apply it the right way/direction!

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