Saturday, October 16, 2010

Heroine make Kiss Me vs. Fiberwig (+covergirl lasblast volume)

Left eye: Kiss Me Right eye: Fiberwig

Kissme, Fiberwig, Covergirl

Fiber wig + covergirl Left eye: Kiss Me Right eye: Fiberwig
  • Both Kiss Me and Fiberwig are Japanese brands. Fibgerwig claims to use the tubing technology to give the false lash look. Both mascaras do have a lot of fibers attached to the wands but the wand shape is a little different as shown above. Fiberwig is a little longer and thicker near the top.
My first impression of Fiberwig was that it was really light. However, I was surprised that it still weighed down my lashes, so I HAD to curl it again after the first layer of application. But don't worry, because it's so light, your lashes won't stick to your curler after the first layer. I like to use both sides of the wand and so I applied a few more layers and tried to get the fibers to lengthen my lashes. I noticed that the fibers went in all directions. So after combing and applying, I achieved my desired length. It's actually not as black as I'd like, so I just use Covergirl lashblast over it. It doesn't really do much to my lashes except darken the blackness.
When I took this off with my Shu uemura oil cleanser, it came right off in tubes.... so it's really fast to remove.
It is a bit heavier than the Fiberwig but for some reason it doesn't weigh down my lashes. It locks in the curls (fibers dont' stray in random directions like Fiberwig) and I don't have to curl my lashes again afterwards. It gives me a bit more volume than Fiberwig and it's also darker than it. It takes faster to apply without having to constnatly comb and curl.
  • In the last picture, I wore Kiss Me on the left eye and Fiberwig on the right eye. It's obvious that Fiberwig gives me a lot more length than Kiss Me, however, it looks pretty much the same when I open my eyes. Why? Because even though Fiberwig gives me more length, it weighs my lashes down more than Kiss Me, so when I open my eyes they end up looking very similar.
  • Overall I'd prefer Kiss Me if I'm in a rush because Fiberwig takes a lot longer for me to apply. (Combing is really important)


  1. Hi, I heard it is hard to remove the Kiss Me mascara. I have the Fiberwig one right now and I can easily remove it with warm water, so I was wondering what you use to remove the Kiss Me one? Thanks!^^

  2. To be honest it is hard to remove, but it's also a good thing because it's super waterproof so it doesn't rub onto your face especially if you're very oily. There is no way you can remove it just with warm water. I used to use the Clean & Clear Soothing eye makeup remover and it did a really good job of removing it. Right now I'm using Shu Uemura cleansing beauty oil and it works well too. But of course, the Clean & Clear is a more economical choice.