Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bare Minerals Matte

So I decided to transfer my bare minerals foundation into my Anna Sui loose powder container because I find it really hard to use in the oringial packaging. And what happened to my Anna Sui loose powder... I transferred that into a plastic bag and I'm looking for a container which I can use to give to my friend...! I have 3 loose powders so I figured I should give one away.. haha... I couldn't open the lid of the bare minerals container so I had to get the powder out through the holes! I feel like I wasted a lot of it... but anyway...
Thoughts about the product:
I actually hadn't worn the bare minerals for a while because I feel like it gives very poor coverage and it just didn't seem to do much. The shade is actually too dark for my skin too. This shade is quite yellow but I just use my shu uemura loose powder over it to brighten my face. (But I think the yellow-ness counteracts the redness on my face) I feel that if I use this mineral powder, I'd have to use it over a tinted moisturizer or at least with a lot of concealer on my face first. So I'm starting to wear this everyday to school on top of my Skin79 BB cream. It's not bad at controlling my oil but it's not amazing.
I bought the Sephora mineral powder brush just for this foundation, but unfortunately, I ended up not liking this foundation all that much. Its okay though! I still love the brush :) It's super soft and dense and I've experienced no fall outs. So all I do is I just dab the brush into the powder and tap off the excess , and swirl it in small circles all over my face.

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