Monday, February 28, 2011

Coral blush, Coral lipstick

Anna Sui lip gloss #604
Bobbi Brown lipstick "Guava"
MAC Mineralized Skinfinish "Stereo Rose"

I love coral colored make up :D and once again I love matching my blush to my lipstick so I wore this combination together :)

I wore the MAC MSF for around the same length of time as the Bobbi Brown Shimmer brick and the Shimmer brick has a much longer lasting power =_=" The MAC MSF was almost gone by the end of the day......! Well the shimmer was still there but color was barely there. They both give me the feeling that they give the same kind of finish on the cheeks because they're both very shiny, but I think the shimmer bricks has more shimmer so it gives a different kind of sheen to the face.

Putting the Anna Sui gloss over the Guava lipstick makes it a bit lighter. I think Guava is the darkest coral lipstick that I have... >=] I can't wait to go check out the MAC Sheen Supreme lipstick collection! I want to see 'daring' and 'full speed'... I also haven't checked out the viva glam gaga II lipstick! oh and I definitely want to try "lady danger", but it's just in the normal collection, which is an orange based red lipstick :)

I just dyed my hair a darker brown colour few days ago so I have to switch my eye brow color back to my old one! So I'm back to using my Shu Uemura twisting brow pencil.. It's just so amazing..! The color goes on so well and I don't have to draw that hard. I heard the actual pencil (ones u need to sharpen) is really popular too but I never tried that. The twisting one seems to be more convenient since there's a brush on the other end :) haha I LOVE Shu Uemura!! <3

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