Sunday, February 20, 2011

Murale Points Redemption :D

BB lipstick Guava

I didn't know how much to twist the BB highlighter pen when I first used it and I twisted too many times so the product just squished out =_="

BB e/s "Java" ...really nice taupe colour and texture is very smooth <3

So last weekend there was an event at Murale for points redemption and I redeemed $90 :D I spent 40,000 points and it claimed that I was saving $27 during that event compared to the normal system... Anyway I bought the Bobbi Brown eye tinted highlighter [light bisque] $50, BB lipstick in "Guava" $27 and BB e/s in "Java" $26. I ended up paying around $25 for the tax and because I went a little over $90 so I covered the rest :)
Maybe I will try accumulating my points up to the highest level, which is like $180 or something o_o haha it will take a while....

I should do a comparison between the BB Guava lipstick and some other lipsticks later :)

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