Sunday, February 20, 2011

Order finally came!

So because last summer I only brought back like one or two of these from HK... [I totally regret it] I had to buy the Maybelline falsies. I just dont' think I can find any other mascara that can lengthen as crazy as this mascara. Well my friend said the Dior one is really good but it costs a fortune! I'm really not willing to spend so much on a mascara since i have to throw it out at most after 3 months of use. So I found this website and they sell them for $13 each! wooot! I think it's around.. $11 CAD in HK so it's not much of a difference... and guess what ! It's free shipping! However.. it took about 3 weeks for these to arrive. It's okay, I'll just order more maybe after I finish using one up. One usually lasts me.. 2 months? I like wearing the Maybelline Falsies mascara over this to darken my lashes :)

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