Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Things I See that Bother Me

A lot of people wear false lashes these days and they're especially popular among Japanese culture.
They bring depth to the eyes and also excentuate the eye make up. Some people think false lashes block their eye shadows so they like to stick with mascara more, but of course you need to adjust the shape and intensity of the eyeshadow depending on the type of lashes that you wear too.

At times there are things that I see that bother me...
  • when I can see the separation of people's lashes & false lashes (some don't even bother curling or doing anything to their lashes..especially when most Asian lashes just point down...)
  • when the ends of their false lashes point downward, or I think it's because they wear the lashes too much to the end of their eyes? I don't know, but I see a lot of girls in Japanese magazines wear their lashes like that
  • When the false lashes band is too hard and tend to detach from the eyes (esp. the begining & ends)
  • when people wear false lashes without ANY eye makeup
  • when the lashes are way too dramatic for their eyes...
Other eye make up issues that bother me:
  • when people don't wear eyeliner when they wear eyeshadow
  • when people wear a bright color on their eyelids without any contouring color, it just makes their eyes look swollen and weird (not as severe with people that have deep eye sets though, such as Caucasian eyes)
*Not pointing fingers at anyone but I just felt like sharing XD