Thursday, March 17, 2011

Annabelle Single Eyeshadows

This is Annabell's eyeshadow quad for their single shadows, they only have this size which can fit four shadows. They fit MAC shadows too.

Two of their newest shades and also the only ones I own. I didn't buy their older ones because I had similar shades already but I really like the texture of the new ones~! The purple one is a matte purple, a lighter version of MAC cobalt. [These shadows don't have a label at the bottom that tells you the name so I don't remember what it's called] The pink shade has very subtle shimmer in it but you can barely see it. They are both very pigmented :)

Everything in my MAC palette is from MAC except for the two Annabelle ones. can you see where they are? [on the right hand corner and the pink right above it :)]

Got them on sale for 20% off at Rexall... Added up to seven something dollars after tax.. actually they are 25% off at shoppers this weekend or something I think... oh well -_-"

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