Monday, March 21, 2011

Sparitual Nail Polish

I came across this brand a beauty store and it was these two colors that caught my eyes. The orangy color is called "Face of Destiny" and the purple/blue ish color is called Chill (My favorite color). These nail polishes are really pigmented, one coat may even be good enough but I put two coats anyway. However, even though I used a base coat and a top coat, it still chips pretty easily.. That's too bad~ This was even more expensive than OPI but I really liked the colors so I got them anyway..!


  1. i like Chill too! take a picture when u paint the other colour :) it looks like the perfect summer colour! hehehe. i posted my shoezies upp, haha i only paid $27something for them!!

  2. oh yeah i knew u'd like that color, I painted it on my toes haha. cuz I have a similar color that I bought in HK and you told me you liked that color so yea XD I love coral :D
    Nice shoes btw and thats such a good deal O_O!