Tuesday, March 8, 2011

How to Contour the Nose

Rimmel Bronzer, Sigma Tapered Blending E40 brush, Bobbi Brown highlighter

So what I do is I use a fluffy blending brush and pick up some of the bronzing powder and first blend the color right under the beginning of the eyebrows, where it sinks in. Then I blend the color down my nose, going inwards and underneath to the tip of my nose (where the purple is in the picture).
Then for highlight, you can use a matte rice/white eyeshadow, shimmery champaign eyeshadow or a liquid highlighter (such as the bobbi brown or YSL one). I personally prefer a matte one because I get oily easily. Make sure you highlight the bridge of your nose[area in between our eyes] because thats the most important part to make your nose stand out more.

Things to watch out for:
  • blend the color really well so it doesn't look like you have two streaks going down your nose
  • make sure the color is not too dark or too orange. You can use a bronzer but make sure it's not orange based. Use a shade that is more to the brown side.
  • when you use a shimmery highlighter on your nose, don't apply it all the way down to the tip because it will make it seem like you have an oily nose, so stop 2/3 down.
Contouring your nose will make an obvious difference especially in photography. If you think your nose is too flat, fat, crooked or what not, try this out! I was never and still not fond of my own nose. My family members criticized my flat nose all the time when I was younger but it's gotten slightly better... -_-" But I'm glad there is a way to make my nose appear taller .. hahaa

Good luck :)

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