Saturday, March 5, 2011

MAC "Dip Down" Fluidline

When I wear cat eyes with fluidline I love using the body shop slanted brush because it's so thin >=] When I want to go for a softer look, I go for the MAC "Dip down" fluidline :)
I must be honest that the mac fulidlines smudge on me, but a lot of people claim that they don't smudge... but anyway if I set it with powder then it's better I guess. Once again, my eyelids are just super oily.. haha in the first picture.. I think that line on the right side of my eye lid is from the liner... LOL when I draw my eyeliner too thick, it transfers onto my lid when I open my eyes ... thanks to my Asian eyes -.-" but on the left side of my eye I believe it's just my vein XD


  1. hey, the fluidline smudges my eye too! i think it's cause of my lids though haha! looks goodd! i like it :) i dont think it's too much at all!

  2. ooooo glad I'm not the only one XD
    thx :D