Thursday, August 12, 2010

How I apply Revlon ColorStay Foundation

So first of all, I use the Combination/Oily skin in 220 Natural Beige. I'm a NC25 for Mac Studio Fix. The Revlon ColorStay foundation has SPF6 and it's medium coverage. The consistency is quite thick so it'll be hard to apply with a brush with scarce bristles like the MAC188. I'd say that it is a satin finish and it does a pretty good job at controlling the oil, but I have a REALLY oily T-zone so I don't know if any foundation can really control my oil THAT well. But anyway, I wear this foundation occasionally, not everyday because I want something light on my face on a daily basis. Since I always like having a matte face, I apply powder on top of this foundation.
How to avoid a cakey face!
So the first time I applied this foundation, I used my Kabuki brush up there to apply the Shu Uemura loose powder on top. The Shu powder is REALLY fine and it never cakes up my face. But when I applied it with my Kabuki, my face became really cakey. Therefore, DON'T use a kabuki to buff your loose powder after applying the Revlon ColorStay!
How to apply the foundation:
I've tried using the MAC 109 and it worked fine, but I don't particularly LOVE to use it because I normally use the brush to contour my face and using it with the foundation makes my brush kind of gungky...
There are two sponges up there, the left one is the Shu Uemura sponge and the right one is a Sheseido sponge. You can use a DAMP or DRY sponge to apply this foundation. Simply use your fingers and dot the foundation on your face and blend quickly because this foundation dries quite fast. A good sponge is essential because some sponges absorb a lot of the product so you may end up wasting it!
Applying powder afterwards:
Use a flat top brush or a powder puff to apply your loose powder/powder foundation afterwards. Don't do any swirling motion, just dab and press the powder on your face. But of course, avoid picking up too much powder!

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