Saturday, August 14, 2010

What's in my Makeup bag?

After walking around the whole HongKong I found this $20HKD make up bag on Fa Yuen Street in MongKok ahahaaa that's about $3CAD? hehe ... but my jaw dropped when I saw this other place selling this bag for MUCH more expensive... I think they sold it for $150HKD so like 7/8 times as much... absurd! So the outside is of course leopard skin but the inside has gold sequins. The sequins shine through the half transparent leopard skin so it's really nice ^^

Anyway, this is what I usually put in my make up bag!
  • MAC blotting powder
  • Some sort of lip balm (the circle container in the picture is a lip balm from Shills)
  • comb
  • mini glass nail filer (glass filers are GREAT cuz they forever, literally)
  • bandades (because I always get hurt from my shoes!)
  • lipstick of the day
  • mini perfume
  • blotting paper
  • Retractable lip brush

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