Sunday, August 15, 2010

Nails atm!

I hadn't used my Konad nail kit in a while so I decided to use it yesterday :) I love this design for the summer because the bright light makes the pink and opaque background more popping. Moreover, the colorful sparkles that I put on top look really nice in the sun too ^^
My nails are so short and weak right now T__T I bought the Salley Hansen Miracle Growth and I used it as a base... You're supposed to have 30% longer nails in 5 days but I'm not sure about that...!
So the sephora nail polish is called "Bare to be Different." I thought it was going to be similar/ almost identical to the OPI "Timeless" but turns out that this one is less opaque than the OPI and it has a little bit of pink in it. I somewhat regret buying it but oh well it's not that bad.
After using the nail stamps I just used a top coat to apply the sparkles (Got it in HK).
Loveee Konad!

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