Thursday, July 15, 2010

False Lashes

1) Face Shop lashes. They are really nice, the bands are not too hard. but I don't wear dramatic lashes on a daily basis so I wear them once in a while :) Face shop also has some less dramatic crisscross lashes. around $5 CAD I think.
2)From HK, got these b/c they look like one of the Ardell lashes, I think 109. I used to wear this kind almost everyday. They look really natural. As you may tell, these look cheap because the bands are super soft and they are not going to last more than a couple of times.
3)From Daiso, I have no idea why I go them. They look really ugly.
4) From HK, they look like one of the Ardell/Quo ones too, but they are again really cheap quality
5)Lower false lashes from Daiso. I bought two because when I bought my first 1, I lost one of them when I was trying it on in the washroom =.= I rarely wear them though, just got them for fun.
6) These are my favourite lashes atm for everyday wear. The look very natural without wearing any eyeshadow. So I just wear them with eyeliner and mascara on bottom lashes :) I go through phases, there are periods of time that I don't wear any false lashes and there are times that I go back to my lashes XD
7)These are not Quo, they are some crisscross lashes from Daiso. They're okay but I feel like they're not long enough b/c when I put them on, you can really see them from the front view. Btw I don't think I will get lashes from Daiso again o_O
8)From HK, I got the ends off because I like wearing half lashes sometimes just at the end. The corners of my eyes kind of point down so these are great :)
9)My most expensive false lashes, $110 HKD? My cousin recommended them to me so I got them :) They're brown and I like them =P
10) Ardell lashes , they are not #109. I wear these on special occasions. The ends are longer. When you wear this kind of lashes, make sure you dont put them too much to the end of your eyes.
11)I wanted to get lashes similar to the shape of the Shu Uemura ones so I found these. They are pretty good quality but I still think the bands should be a lil softer. Love them :)
12)Ardel Lashes. They're exactly doll lashes. I rarely wear them, don't think they look that good on me.
13)Daiso Lashes. Crisscross look quite natural but again I think these are a bit too short. I haven't touched them in a long time.

I think Quo and Ardell lashes are quite similar in quality. They are about the same price...$7? They last a long time if you take good care of them. The bands are not too hard/soft and they're both made of human hair. I also like that the bands are not too thick so you can stick them really close to your lash line so they can merge with your real lashes. Moreoever, the clear bands make them look less fake.

Daiso lashes are $2 CAD but they are really cheap quality. The bands are usually too thick/hard so they detach from my eyelids really easily. They used to have clear band lashes but I can't find them anymore. But anyway, I'm not really a fan of their lashes.

I've only tried the Crisscross lashes from Face Shop so I can't judge their overall quality. I pretty much like the ones I got. Even though the bands are kind of thick, they're not too hard to bend.

When I was in HK I considered getting the lashes that come in boxes, but I really couldn't get my hands on them because they were all really poor quality. I went around HK/China but I couldn't find any cheap and good quality lashes. I ended up buying cheap and bad/average quality, I shouldn't have bought any =.=" The only ones I like from HK are #11. They're not cheap though, I think around $6-7 CAD.

All in all, I haven't found lashes that are cheap + good quality. My favourite still comes back to Ardell and Quo. But I lean toward to Quo now b/c it's slightly cheaper than Ardell I think. But anyway I don't think I need to buy lashes for a long time! Btw, I hate it when false lashes look really.. plastic-like. And sometimes people put their lashes too much to the end of their eyes, which makes their eyes loook really droopy... LOL! So be careful!

When I put on false lashes, I close my eye and I start from the end of my eyes. However, I always make sure the length of the lashes fit my eyes first. I normally don't have to cut the Quo lashes, but I do for my other ones. (not Shu either) For thinner bands like Quo and Ardell, I don't wait for the glue to dry for 30 secs first b/c if you do, the glue will dry out. For thicker bands, I'd have to wait for 30 secs for the glue to become tacky.

Glue: I use Shu Uemura and MAC glue. The Mac glue is about $10 but the tube is really big so it's going to last a long time. The Shu Uemura is $5 but half as small. They're both really good glue. (I never use the free glue that comes with the lashes)

Hope this helps!

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