Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Top 5 Eyeshadows

1) Benefit "Rich Beach"

- this line of their eyeshadows is super pigmented. The texure is smooth and silky. I love
using this colour to do my favourite brown eye <3

2) MAC "Fig 1"

- This is an eggplant purple. I love using this on the crease! This is a Matte colour and it is my
favourite finish of the MAC Eyeshadows. The matte finish colours are so easy to pick up,
very pigmented, it's just gorgeous :D The shimmery version of this is "Nocternelle"

3) Shu Uemura "Me Blue"

- My absolute favourite blue eyeshadow... The texure of this is kind of similar to Benefit Rich
Beach, maybe a little less silky. But this blue is soo pretty..!! When I was looking at Shu's
eyesshadows, this colour caught my eyes immediately =P

4) MAC "Orange"

- Yup this is straight up orange. I use this as a transition between my brow bone highlight
and crease colour. When you do a brown eye and you use this as a transition colour, it
makes the whole look sooo much prettier... seriously :D oh and this is matte as well. so,
superrr pigmented!

5) MAC "Swiss Chocolate"

- This is a brown with a red undertone. I use this to do my favourite brown eyesahdow look on the outter 2/3 of the lid. I love this soo much..! I think this is matte too, I just got shimmer on it due to my brushes...

Btw, my favourite black eyeshadow is Lancome "Statuesque". It's a matte black and i use it on my outter V or on top of my eyeliner. I just love the texure and pigmentation. This is great for smokey eye too, the texure makes it easy to blend.

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