Monday, July 5, 2010

Physician's Formula Shimmer Strips vs. MAC MSF By Candlelight

The Physicians Shimmer strips can be used on the cheeks or eyeshadow as well. I never use it as eyeshadow though, I just never had the intention. The two darker strips are too dark for contouring my cheeks so I never really touch them. In fact it would be a good idea to use those two colours as eyeshadow :) But anyway, I normally use the middle and the lighter strips with a slant brush to contour my cheeks, and I use the lightest two colours for highlight. I dont really see that much of a difference when I use it to highlight my cheekbones but I just do it anyway. Maybe I'm just blind. I believe this was about $10CAD? It's worth the price, the colour payoff is not bad.

So the new MAC collection In the Groove came out a week early at the MAC store on Robson and I just found out yesterday! It's supposed to launch this Thursday. The one at the Bay will have it. When I got there, the Jazzed lipstick and the Stereo Rose MSF was sold out. I wanted to try the Stereo rose since it's so popular..! I'll go check it out at the MAC at PC on Thursday :) The girl showed me how the Jazzed lipstick looked like, and it actually looks like my YSL Rouge Volupte #13. At least I think it did. haha so I dont think I'm going to get it. I remember another pink lipstick was sold out but I'm not sure which one. I wanted to get a Duo blush as well but the colours didn't really suit my skintone. So, I gave up! I ended up getting the Candlelight MSF. The girl applied it to my cheekbones and nose and chin,it gave me such a nice glow! It's a glow that the physicians formula can't achieve. I can't explain how that glow looks like but I absolutely love it! I'm an NC25 and I think it's a really nice highlighter for me. I'm probably gonna wear it everyday now haha.. it's getting sunny! ;) Anyway, this MSF is the lighest one out of the ones in the collection. A few others were too dark for me.

By the way, don't ever consider buying the Makeup Forever 25S slant blush brush, it's expensive and it's rough. I don't know I just hate it. I was too ignorant when I got it. Wish I had gotten the MAC 168 instead! I'm going to wait for the brush sets to come out at Christmas LOL ... since I don't really need anymore brushes atm.

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