Sunday, July 4, 2010

Today's Makeup, blue eyes

Sandy's birthday party tonight :) omg I have a huge ass pimple on my chin omg I covered it but it sticks out.. NASTY.... T___T at least it wont be too noticible at night time? I hope.. argh all my fault, I just had to pop it...

anyway, I put lancome silver on the inner half of my lid, then Mac freshwater on the outter half, Mac "darker blue" on the crease, black on outter V. I also added a touch of Sheseido Hydro powder eyeshdow on the inner corners. It's super shimmery I love it! People usually use white eyeliner on their waterlines to make the eyes appear bigger, but I've been using NYX silver jumbo pencil. It looks and stays a lot better in my opinion. :) You can get NYX products at Rexall Drugstore btw.

On my cheeks I wore NARS Deep Throat(blush), Anna Sui orange blush and contoured with MAC bronzer in Golden. I always contour my face since I have a chubby face =.="
For the lips I wore MAC creme de nude. it's the palest lipstick that I own. Never ever wear this if you dont have heavy make up on your eyes.. it'll make you look sick. hahaha well unless you have reallyyyy fair skin.


  1. Awe you are so very cute~! and very true about the pale lip. some girls love that pale lip kinda look though. :S
    you are in Vancouver? me too!
    New follower here! Hope you have a chance to check out my blog and return the favour!

  2. thanks :) Yes i'm in Vancouver :)
    def gonna follow you!