Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Summer Green Eye Look

MAC Humid on lid (dont pass the line of the lid
MAC Sweet&Punchy on the crease
A shimmery dark brown on the outter V. (Can use MAC expresso maybe?)
NYX silver jumbo pencil on waterline and inner corners
Sheseido white shadow on inner corners and brownbone highlight
Humid, sweet&punchy on lower lash line

MAC dressmakerdressmaker(limited) or Shygirl(permanent)
Anna Sui lipgloss 604 (the shimmers are so pretty and it smells real good, perfect pairing with the a light coral lipstick!)

Annasui #600, it's an orange colour but when you put it on, it looks reallyyy nice!!
MAC Well dresesd on the apples of the cheeks
MAC MSF By Candlelight to highlight cheekbones

I always contour my cheeks with MAC Bronzer in Golden with Brush 109 :)

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