Saturday, July 3, 2010

Favourite Mascara

My Absolute Favourite mascara is the Heroine make long&curl mascara. When you pull the wand out of the tube, you can see man little fibers stuck onto the wand. Those fibers do magic :) The extend your lashes by a lotttttttt. Usually if you apply one layer it wont clump. When you apply the second layer, it may start clumping. I use a lash comb by HelloKitty that I purchased in HK. I used to use the Ardell lash comb (can be bought @ London drugs), it works pretty much the same. I love using these two lash combs because the tips are very sharp, but of course not to the point that it'll make you bleed that easily. The fine tips just go in between your lashes much easier than the other ones on the market.

I actually don't understand why some people have so many mascaras in their make up collection because you're supposed to throw away your mascara after about 2 months of use. The bacteria grows inside the tube so you dont want to end up applying bacteria onto your lashes... One way of preventing clumps and slow down bacteria growth is to wipe your wand on a piece of tissue every time after you use it. You may think that that would be wasting the product, but if you just put the wand back into the tube, the bacteria will make it dry up faster. Also, before you pull out the wand for application, you can swirl it around in the tube to get rid of the clumps.

You can purchase this at asian make-stores like the ones in Crystal Mall or Richmond Aberdeen Centre for maybe about $30CAD, or online of course! Apparently this is the number one mascara sold at Sasa in HK... THeres like a label on it that says #1 something something so yea.
haha btw, I've tried the Dior Black out mascara, I HATED it. The wand was probably too big for my asian lashes, I think it'd work better on people with thicker lashes.. Anyway it clumped up my lashes and it just did nothing. Apparently it's the darkest black of the Dior mascaras. I've also tried the Dior Ionic or something mascara, I liked how the wand would separate my lashes, but it really didnt do much lengthening or volumizing. Lancome is pretty face for their mascaras as well, so I think I might try one later on when I run out of my Heroine mascaras. I've tried the sample ones but I wasn't amazed by them or anything. But the way you apply mascara is also very important. I'll show how I do mine in the latter entries :)

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