Thursday, July 22, 2010

Kate Diamond Cut Eyes Quad

So When I was in HK this summer, I went to Sasa / Bonjour and noticed the Kate eyeshadow quads. They have a few different kinds of quads and I like this the most. The MAIN reason is because of that top left corner shade. Basically it's half white and half silver, but you don't actually use a brush/applicator and brush it onto your lid. You're supposed to pick it up with your finger and dab it all over your eyeshadow. They're just really big sparkles and I LOVE them... I don't actually dab it over my eyeshadow, but I put it on the C-Shape area around my eyes. (Starting from the brow bone, to the temples, and the cheekbones) I think it looks SO pretty :)

I got the brown quad and this is what I think about it:
- Super pigmented (very impressed) & good quality for a decent price

- very versatile colours

- really good applicators (a pointy side so you can use it for smaller areas of eyes)

When I went on my Shanghai trip, this is what I brought with me. Didn't bring any brushes, the applicators work well for waterline and Outter-V :) I think this quad is really versatile, it'll suit on most skin tones.

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