Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Todays Make up, turquoise and brown

I own 3 Micabella eyeshadows, which I purchased at the PNE Last summer. I heard that they were sold at metro before at one of the stands but I don't see them anymore. I usually never touch this shade but I finally reached for it today! I applied it wet to get a more intense colour. (Sprayed my brush with water and dipped it into the mineral micabella shadow)

Micabella turquoise on lid
MAC all that glitters on inner lid
Some kind of brown on the crease
A dark brown shade from my KATE palette on the outter V
Matte white shade for highlight
sheseido shimmery white shadow on inner corners
MAC orange as a transition colour between highlight and the brown on crease
(I also applied some brown and green along the lower lash line)

contoured with Benefit Hoola
Anna sui orange blush #600
Bobbi Brown blush "Blushed" #10 on the apples

YSL Rouge Volupt #13

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